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Newtons First Law. Continued.

No description

William Barber

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Newtons First Law. Continued.

Newtons First Law. Continued.
Watch this short clip, answer this question. What is an example of an unbalanced force with the skateboarder and BMX biker

Action- Do we all think if i push an object at rest (desk) to move it will continue to move?
What stops the desk?
Work Period
-Take both handouts and copy and paste the definitions in your notebook.
- No one will be getting out of there seat.
- Make sure both pages are right next to each other.
The unbalanced force is friction. The friction between the desk and the floor works against the motion of the desk.
1st Law Continued..
October 18th 2016
M:In your seat
V: level 0
P: Watching video silently to make an observation
Another example: What happens when you roll a ball, what force causes it to eventually stop?
Friction- A force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact.
Wrap up: Volunteers acting out vocabulary.
Newtons First Law
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