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A Sociological Analysis: Antz

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on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of A Sociological Analysis: Antz

Conflict Theory
- States that conflict is inevitable in any group or society

Claims that inequality and injustice are the source of all conflicts that permeate society

The powerful protect their positions by using the power they have accumulated to keep those less fortunate in their places

A Sociological Analysis:

A rather neurotic ant that tries to break from his totalitarian society while trying to win the affection of the princess he loves.
Questions the ideology of the colony
Did not wish to conform
Wished to express himself freely
Wanted to be anything but a "worker ant"
What is a social class?
- a defined set by social stratification where people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories
ex. The worker ants, the soldiers, and the royals

Z challenges this by trying to move out of his ascribed status as a "worker ant"
What was so threatening about Z and his actions?
Social Mobility: the extent and direction of individual movement in the social stratification system

- Some societies do not allow this

Caste System: predetermined positions, one must learn their place in society through the process of socialization

- When born into the colony Z was born a worker ant, and was expected to spend his life in this plight, and this plight only

Counter the System
To behave counter to the caste prescriptions would be to go against social customs and norms and risk not fitting into the colony

- Norms: rule of behavior shared by members of society and rooted in the value system

By Z not accepting this idea of conformity he was seen as
to the higher powers.

-this is a violation of a social norm (trying to go beyond his ascribed status)
American animated comedy that illustrates the social structure of an ant colony
Tells the story of the young protagonist ant, Z
The story line depicts the young ant, Z, wanting to step outside of his assigned title as a "worker ant", longing to find a place where one's individuality could reign supreme
Conflict Theory in Relation to Antz
"General Mandible vs. Z"
Royal ants vs. Soilder ants vs. Worker ants

- Resources and power in the colony of ants are distributed unequally

- Some ants are seen as more prestige than others

the worker ants were exploited until they developed a class consciousness because of Z's actions

"I have got to believe that there is some better place for me." -Z
In Conclusion
Has portrayed many realistic sociological concepts of inequality
Helped me to understand the importance of individuality in a society
Has made me appreciate the fact that I have the ability to move up in my society, because unfortunately millions of people in the world do not have this ability
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