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Social & Political 1450-1750

testing 123

Cesar Alonzo

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Social & Political 1450-1750

& Social
:D 1450-1750 During the time of exploration Christopher
Columbus set sail in 1492 to what he believed
to be a short cut to the "spice islands" but soon
realized that he had dicovered a whole new
continent by the name of North America. The Globe Encompassed Soon word of the New World spread threw out Europe and everyone wanted to clam their own territory in it. But the New World had people living it in already, natives. When the Europeans came into the New World the stauts of these proud natives were changed forever. Over time new social classes arose in the new world . These five new classes can be refered as
peninsulares-people born in spain but living the new world
creoles-children born in the new world with parent that are peninsulares
mulattos-children from parents that are both europeans and natives
mestizo-child of a european and native These social classes were not
treated kindly in the New World
and were widley disrespected with
injustice and cruelty. But, back in Europe, the power of
the Absoulute monarchy arose
in countries like Spain, England, France, Cesar Alonso #22
Franky Gomez #9
Agustin Rangel #11 When the Conquistadors came to the new world they brought with them diseases that would devistate the natives of the new world. But at the same time the natives intradose them to diseases which are Syphillis, Hepatitis, Polio, Tuberculosis and many more The natives a once proud race, were under the control of European power were forced to do all the labor and work for the Europeans. Now up in the north were the French and British power who had private chartered companies and locals involved in the colonial government to asure everything was runing smoothly in the New World. Then the Spanish and Portuguese controlled the south. Their political structures were held by the large bureaucracy involving church, council of the Indies and viceroys. and this is the aztec capital Works Cited
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The conquistadors quickly established
thier own laws into place and placed representatives in the colonies to keep order and peace. The natives, however were mistreated and were not thought as equal human beings. The power of monarchy in Europe caused
people to obey their king without any questions.
This means that in an kingdom where a king is
an absoulte monarchy he is above and creates the
laws in his kingdom. THE END...or so you think!?!
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