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Intro. Acting class period 6 James

Hannia Daniel

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Matilda

Things you need to know...
-Bright young girl
-Loves to read
-Parents think she's just a nuisance
-Parents just care about making money
by cheating people and watching TV.
-Discovers her supernatural powers
-Uses them at home and at school
-Cruel Principle, Miss Trunchbull
-Has an Amazing down to earth teacher
Matilda loves.

-Matilda was originally a novel
-Published in 1988
-Biggest seller
-Won the Children's Book Award

In Broadway
-."Most viewed Broadway show than The Lion King." (The New York Times 4/09/13)
-"12 Tony Awards including best Musical."
(The New York Times 4/11/13)
-Massive awards for performance
-most voted Broadway show from both Children and Adults

Style of theater
-Genre: Musical
-Staging: Fairytale meant for Children,
entertaining and Amusing.
Style of Music: Pop

Details about
Dennis Kelly
Tim Minchin
Lead Actresses
Oona Laurence
Bailey Ryon
Milly Shapiro
Sophia Gennusa
Reviews of the show
Matilda the Musical
What is Matilda about?
History Behind Matilda
Broadway Success
Style of Theater
Details About
-Lead Actresses
"Matilda the Musical," the London import that opened on Thursday night, is the most satisfying and subversive musical ever to come out of Britain...As directed by Matthew Warchus, with a bright, efficient book by Dennis Kelly and addictive songs by Tim Minchin, "Matilda" is as much an edge-of-the-seats nail biter as a season-finale episode of "Homeland."...Above all it's an exhilarating tale of empowerment, as told from the perspective of the most powerless group of all."
-Ben Brantley (New York Times 4/11/13)

"For once, you can believe the hype. A treat for ears and eyes, brain and heart, the glorious "Matilda" has it all - plus lasers! "
-Elisabeth Vincentelli (NY 4/11/13)
"With its pizazz, humor, style, intelligence and all-around entertainment quotient, "Matilda" is, far and away, the best new musical I've seen this season. I recommend it for children and smarter adults."
-Robert Feldberg (NorthJersey.com 4/11/13)
-Finished in 1996
- Released June 7,2005
-Directed by Danny DeVito
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