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Copy of Online Resort Management

No description

Oliver Tan

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Online Resort Management

Online Resort Management
for Shercon Farm Resort and Ecology Park

Online Resort Management
for Shercon Farm Resort and Ecology Park

Shercon Resort and Ecology Park is a resort nestled amidst the highlands of lipa and the panoramic view nearby tagaytay that is located in Brgy. San Sebastian, MataasnaKahoy, Batangas.
1. To improve market competitiveness of the resort by having an easy way in reserving rooms online and to present the resorts offerings in the online marketplace.
Significance of the Study
To the Company
The resorts existing system is all manual like in
the billing, inventory and booking. All of
the records are in the log book.
The proponent’s is proposing an online resort management system that will operate the resorts operation including the reservation, inventory and billing of the resort. In this system, the resort operation will be easier and reliable to use.
1. Having a website with an online reservation system will attract more customers since it offers better convenience and flexibility to users. There will be an alternative way in inquiring information about the resort and making reservation online. This can increase the number of possible customers to the resort as a getaway spot. Since the resort is integrating technology in the business, it can have an advantage over other resorts.
2. Handling of supplies, equipment and facilities information will become efficient since the staffs can record the supplies, equipment and facilities usage in the proposed system. It will be easier to monitor supplies on hand and supplies that reach the reorder point. Moreover, since equipment and facilities are monitored properly, conflicts on equipment and facilities usage will be avoided.
3. Since the old system does not generate sufficient reports which is essential to the business, this proposed system provides an opportunity to the employee to generate reports which can be helpful in monitoring and managing different transactions related to resort management.
2. To create a system that can handle inventory management and to provide a system that can minimize the conflict in monitoring the usage of supplies, equipment and facilities.
3. To create a system that can generate different type of reports and to have accurate information that can help the resort in monitoring and managing the resort operation.
To the Society
To the Business Owner
To the Staffs
To the Customer
To the Future Researchers
Gonzales, Maricar P.
Lee, Kimberly Anne A.
Suguitan, Constante III

Capstone Project Proposal 2013 - 2014
Scope and Limitation
The system will have different modules that will present the resort services and management including the booking of customers, login and registration of customers and admin, records and payment of the customers, monitoring of resorts supplies, equipment and facilities, manipulating of accommodations and generation of reports.
Inventoried foods are not included in the proposed system since not every customer orders food in their booking. And as part of the resorts management the food is covered by the Austers catering services. The proponents will just include it as part of the additional charge in the bill of the customer.
Operational Framework
New System
The proposed system aims to develop a new technology in the Shercon Resort. The new software aims to provide an efficient in monitoring the sales and inventory system. The system will store the customer’s information and administrator’s information.
Feasibility Study
Technical Feasibility
Operational Feasibility
Handling of supplies and facilities information is time consuming since monitoring of supplies are done by staffs by checking supplies in the log book. Since facilities are not monitored properly, there may be a conflict on facilities and supplies usage. Since the old system does not have computerized system, there is also slow retrieval of data since all the information are written in the log book and stored in filing cabinet which can also cause data lost or data theft. The process of reservation of dates and venues is time consuming since the transaction is written in the log book by the staff.
Economical Feasibility
Return on Investment
ROI = Overall NPV / NPV of all Cost * 100
ROI = PHP118277.76x 100 = ROI (%)
PHP 128459.11

ROI = 92.07424 or 92 %

Payback Period
Payback Period=34,384.57–12595.29/34,384.57= 0.63369= 1.63 YEAR
DFD of the Existing System
Context Diagram of the existing diagram
Level 0 of the existing system
Process Manage Equipment
Process Manage Supplies
Process Manage Facilities
Process Manage Accommodations
Process Manage Booking
Process Manage Reservation
Process Manage Payment
Process Organize Report
Context Diagram of the Proposed System
Data Flow Diagram Proposed System
Level 0 Diagram of the proposed system
Process Manage Booking
Process Manage Reservation

Process Manage update reservation
Process Manage Payment
Process Generate Report
Table Relationship Diagram
Customer Page
Admin page
The proponents discuss the responsibilities and duties of team members and also the different tasks to be done on a given schedule.

Project Plan
Risk Management Plan
The proponents discuss the possible risks on the project development and the plans on how to avoid or minimize the risks.

Training Plan
The proponents discuss the different training methods on how to train the users involved in the proposed system.

Implementation Plan
Related System
Femar Garden and Hotel Reservation
Maxo Hotel Reservation System
Sirvoys Hotel Reservation of Palazzo De Laoag
Online Billing and Reservation System of Adams Beach Resort
Related Systems
Femar Garden hotel and resort reservation system
* Has security in terms of confidentiality of the files
* There is a log-in form that will have two levels of access
* Only those who are registered members of the system will have the privileged of reserving and booking of rooms and events
* Generate reports
* Administrator can edit, update and add new offers to their system
* Payment method in Femar must be deposited in the bank account of the resort
* Only the admin can view the available and unavailable dates and venues
Sirvoy’s hotel booking system
* Users can view the available calendar for room
* Has a feature than can add extras such as breakfast, additional beds, courses and packages
* Generate reports
* Has a hotel channel manager that publishes the hotels rooms on different hotel booking websites
Maxo Hotel Reservation System
* The system will automate the process of day to day activities of the hotel
* Administrator can maintain daily updates in the hotel records
* Record maintenance and updating will be accomplished by using the identification of the customer
* Maxo Hotel Reservation System delimits the managing of the hotel’s inventory like supplies and amenities.
Online Hotel Reservation of Palazzo De Laoag Hotel
* The customer will provide personal information and the date and venue the customer wants
* The customer is allowed to cancel their reservation
* Administrator can add, update, delete the items in the reservation system
* It delimits the managing of hotel’s inventory
* Online Hotel Reservation of Palazzo De Laoag Hotel system can only generate reservation report.
Online Billing and Reservation System of Adams Beach Resort
* There are online scheduling of each reservation, online cancellation of each reservation, online viewing of the available facilities
* generation of reports
* It has the resort’s vision mission, terms and conditions, area information, facility rates, packages, resort’s promos, and the photographs of the resort and its facilities
* It delimits the monitoring of inventory
Thank you!
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