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Learning in Commons Conference - Feb. 18, 2014

No description

Marie Mitchell

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Learning in Commons Conference - Feb. 18, 2014

From Library to Learning Commons: One School's Transition
Fairfield Country Day School

Our Mission:
To provide a space for students and teachers to engage in collaboration, creative work, critical thinking, and develop digital fluency

Place for entire community
Center for Technology
Supports Core Competencies: Digital Citizenship, Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking & Collaboration
Encourage project-based learning (PBL)
Our Learning Commons (After)
Challenges & Victories
About Us
Library - tall bookshelves, limited workspace
Computer Lab attached - desktop computers
Mostly lower school presence
Outdated books
Staffed by librarian only
The Library (Before)
Bright, colorful, inviting
Audio Recording studio
Distance Learning Lab w/Green Screen
3D Printers & iPad Cart
Smaller book collection (eReaders)
Place for all students
Multiple groups working at same time = Builds Community
Motivating teachers to break routine
Curriculum across all grades
Open doors
3D printing
Tech training
1 person
Visible Calendar
School website
Strong sense of Community
Teachers helping teachers
Fun space for

Encourages collaboration
When risks are taken and work!
Keys to Success
LC Ideas to Use...
Marie Mitchell - Learning Commons Coordinator
Fairfield Country Day School
All Boys' School PreK - 9
259 boys enrolled
Opened our Learning Commons - Sept. 2013
History Podcasts
4th Grade Stone Age
5th - Native Americans
2nd - Mayflower Video
3rd - Weekly math lab
Book Clubs
Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
3D Cookie Cutters
Biome Project
Debate teams
In School Field Trips
Thank you!
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