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Dynamic Data Management

Ed Johnson

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of DDM

The Solution
The challenge!
The problem...
A relatively small, but critical need to input (or ‘write-back’), data to support BI and BPM processes.
DDM has been developed to be;
Simple and intuitive.
Validates data on entry
Web based.
Flexible and configurable.
Simple approval workflow
Single Sign-on
Audit history
How does it work?
create the target table
create dataset definition in DDM
add users and approvers
maintain data
Source Systems
EDW & Marts
Find a solution that would support the input of;
Small sets of metrics
Master data
Load Controls
In a flexible and configurable way.
The DDM tool should only be used;

to maintain data that cannot be sourced from another internal or external approved data source. supported application.
for the maintenance of small discrete data sets, whether master data, reference data or metrics.
for the maintenance of data that will be used directly in support of either Business Intelligence, Master Data Maintenance or Performance Management related business processes.
The DDM tool should NOT be used;

to correct data sent to the CDH from another source. Data should be corrected at that original source.
to create another version of data that is currently mastered or sourced elsewhere.
as a reporting or analysis tool.
to amend data in any source system.
Current solution
Lots of Excel!
3-tier Web application based on J2EE platform
Use of Abode Flex for presentation will provide Rich UI functionality
The tool provides dataset configuration and maintenance based on user role and user group.
The tool provides excel import/export functionality using Apache POI api.
The existing ETL process will be used to upload data from the staging DB to DW.
Spring framework will be used as application framework
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