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This presentation was created for HONR123: Exact Thinking, a first-year Honor's course at Augustana College

Jon Clauss

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of SolidarityObjectivity

You give meaning to your life by
your contribution to a community
You don’t ask about the relation between
the practices of your community and
something outside your community
You give meaning to your
life by your relation to a nonhuman reality
You attach yourself to something which can be described without reference to particular human beings
Those who wish to ground
solidarity in objectivity
Construe truth as correspondence to reality
Procedures of justification must lead to truth
Those who wish to reduce
objectivity to solidarity
Truth is … what is
good for us to believe
Desire to extend “us ”
as far as we can
v.1 Every belief is as
good as every other
v.2 “True” has as many
meanings as there are
procedures of justification
v.3 Truth can’t be separated from descriptions of procedures of justification used by a society
in any area of inquiry
The whole point is to detach
oneself from any community
and look down at it from a
universal standpoint
Beliefs suggested by another
culture must be tested by
trying to weave them together
with beliefs we already have
The Cartesian fallacy:
seeing axioms where there are only shared habits
viewing statements which summarize practices as if they were constraints enforcing such practices
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