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aw gun control

No description

erika steinger

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of aw gun control

aw Assisted SUicide
The Body
topic sentence
The Body
Do Now
Respond to the following prompt in your notes:
A close friend or family member of yours finds out that he or she is very sick and has a 20% chance of survival. This person is incredible pain 24/7 and has lost all hope. They ask you to help them take their life. What would you do? Explain.
Monday, November 1st
The Body
Use these questions as a checklist to write your two body paragraphs for your essay
The Body
stop and jot
How do you usually start off a body paragraph in an essay?
Give the reader a head's up
What should the reader know to understand your evidence?
What is the paragraph/essay about?
Does it match your thesis?
Does your evidence prove what you mentioned in your thesis?
Is your evidence consistent with your claim?
Did you introduce this evidence in the topic sentence?
Does your evidence directly address the essay prompt?
Brittany Maynard
What are Brittany's claims about Death With Dignity?
How does seeing her first-hand affect your opinion on assisted suicide?
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