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Starbucks PIAT ver. 2

Putting It All Together- Holidays 2013

Kelsey Douglas

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Starbucks PIAT ver. 2

Problems Are Opportunities, There is Always Room for Improvement
Holiday Season 2013
Kelsey Douglas P.I.A.T
Redesign promotional advertisements to increase customer awareness
Improve the impact of in-store marketing
Store is not achieving potential revenue from incremental sales during the holiday season
Reduce paper waste by re-directing our customer and partner awareness towards the benefits of the Starbucks Reusable cup
Restore partner's receptiveness of suggestive selling and company values
Sample products during the morning and afternoon peak periods, in addition to lower volume times of the day at the register and in the café.
1. Our store has regulars who visit during lower volume times and miss sampling opportunities.

2. Customers visit our store and use our cafe as a place to meet, work, read and relax. The time to engage our patrons individually by offering samples of our holiday pastries is when our café is active and the bar is slow.

3. November 19th we sampled our Christmas Blend VIA® to customers during high volume hours.

1. Sampling was extremely successful.

2. Customers in the cafe had positive reactions to partners offering samples and interacting with each individual. Partners were able to engage the customers and develop relationships beyond their daily order.

3. Consumer interest in VIA was low. Sampling became challenging and a task for our partners.
1. After the morning rush we changed the product offered to Tazo Joy Tea. Switching the sample was a successful plan which resulted in high sales and satisfied customers.
We sold over 20 tins of Joy tea (that day).
Redesign promotional materials, to recapture our audiences' attention.
1. Post new "Gift of the Week"
marketing material throughout the
holiday season including starbursts.

2. Involve partners in new marketing material designs.

3. Design new promotional layouts for each week featuring vibrant product pictures.
1. As partners informed our
customers about the current "Gift of
the Week," the customers responded that they were aware of the sale.

2. I routinely checked with my partners about the new designs and asked for any ideas for changes they thought would work better.

3. During the holidays, posters
featured the percent discount
versus other displayed the
new price.
1. Customers and partners were very receptive about the new "Gift of the Week" layouts.

2. Partners frequently problem solved layout ideas and promotional staging for upcoming sales.

3. Starbursts were featured with new posters, we received positive feedback from customers in regards to being
able to see the difference
in price.
1. Review and educate partners
on benefits of the reusable cup.

2. Encourage partners to offer our customers the chance to purchase the cup, reduce waste and save money on every purchase
.3. Our DM suggested we designate a weekend to promote the $1.00 cup. In order to support the promotion we
staged a "Grab & Go"gift stand.
1. Conducted a partner problem
solving discussion.

2. The weekend of December 13th partners suggestively sold the $1.00 Reusable Cup

3. Staged our "Grab & Go Gift for Your Teacher" stand. It Included:
a. $1.00 Reusable Cups feat. an attached Starbucks Christmas ornament gift card.
b. Tumblers
c. Multiple mug arrangements
d. Various Christmas blend
coffee platforms
1. I observed partner-customer interaction and their mutual positive reactions when they agreed it was a great value.

2. Verified the effectiveness of our strategy . Our sales were over 60 cups for the weekend of December 13th.

3. Customers told us the "Grab & Go Gift for Your Teacher" was a great promotion. However, interest
began to dissipate
after a few days.
1. The stand can be improved for
future holidays. Designate a time for teacher gift ideas. Location should be changed.
Reiterate company values and
pride behind the products we
offer. Address concerns partners may have behind suggestive selling and discuss openly upcoming goals and promotions.
1. To sell successfully we must
believe in the products we offer
and experience them personally. We devised reviews for products
purchased and felt comfortable discussing them with customers.

2. Customers experience their coffee the same way everyday; therefore we decided to offer customers the chance to enhance their coffee experience
by pairing a pastry that
complements their
choice beverage.

1. One of the products most
raved about by partners was the
Taste of Tazo Tea set.
a.Gift pack sales +$119 YOY

2. Christmas Blend Coffee is only available ones a year and the most popular platform was the K-Cups.
a. AHC +112% over target
b. +108.5% over AHC for Q1 FY14
c. Sold 144 K-Cup Units in 4 weeks
3. Our POS custom reports listed
our At Home Coffee sales
over 50.
1. Plan to increase the supply of Christmas Blend Coffee K-Cups and 1lb bags, that we sell out on Christmas Day and not before.

Any questions?
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