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Copy of Intel brief

No description

Matthew Ng

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Intel brief

Big on HADR Diplomacy at work A maturing & affluent nation Only he remembers... A more critical public CONFIDENTIAL Regional Developments
: Indonesia CONFIDENTIAL Domestic Landscape CONFIDENTIAL Global Challenges Asia's Economic Resurgence?? Weakening West?? Cover backside?? CONFIDENTIAL Others Us Have to Help... Source: Perajurit magazine Concluding thoughts Geopolitical Re-orientation of US to Asia Pacific
Territorial disputes in SCS & Pacific Rim
China's rise and the impact on ASEAN
- >Keenly contested region
Increase defence diplomacy efforts Regional Continued defence expenditures
Maintained emphasis on improving military capabilities
->Maturing security environment
Keep watch, maintain lead and deter Our Army Army's transformation bearing fruits
Development of Army Intelligence positions us
for mission success
-> An exciting next bound for us
Our Army will always be ahead in the race Regional Developments
: Malaysia Western Economies Mid-East Situation Good Singapore-Malaysia Relationship Overseas Ops Commitment Current KASAD, GEN Pramono Edhie Wibowo, with COA Support for Strong Defence Remains USA Russia China Europe Australia USA Japan Myanmar Thailand Middle East Laos Cambodia Vietnam Philippines Brunei Indonesia Malaysia India China USA Challenging year ahead

Norms are changing fast

Many regional sensitivities

Must manage defence relations Ops SERKAP & DAULAT South Korean K9 Thunder? BAE Systems Archer FH-77? AV8 3rd MRS Regiment? 10 RMR soldiers @ Harbouring Site River Crossing Site 81mm Mortar Deployment Site Battalion Orders Group Coy Orders Group Fresh Ration Supply During FTX Scout Trooper with Recce Badge Colt M4 issued Scenes from the FTX Australia Commanders' Survey Results from XSB (Malaysia Editions) Soldiers' Survey Results from XSB (Malaysia Editions) Joko Widodo, Governor of Jakarta Dy COA,
Potential COA and CDF Moeldoko Current COA Current CDF TNI AD's Operational Priorities Heavily Involved in MOOTW Commitment to International Peace TNI Tri-Service Brigade Exercise 2012 TNI AD Brigade Combined Arms Exercise 2012 Marder IFVs Astros II MRS Leopard II MBTs Have to refine efforts in
engaging TNI AD

Monitor TNI-MAF
Defence Relations Terrorism in Our Region Malaysia Regional Security Outlook Sino-Japanese Dispute over Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands Dispute over
Spratly &
Paracel Islands A Divided ASEAN ? MAF Leadership Transition Developments in the MAF SAF-MAF Defence Relations TNI Leadership Changes TNI AD Procurement Ex SAFKAR INDOPURA 2012 ACGS (Int)'s table Int Brief 2012 Geopolitical US Military Budget Cuts
Territorial disputes in SCS & Pacific Rim
China's rise
- > Complex geopolitics
Increase defence diplomacy efforts Regional Increased defence spending
New emphasis on improving military capabilities
->Maturing security environment
Keep watch, maintain lead and deter Domestic New Normal
Vocal minority with watchful majority
Power of social media
-> Public scrutiny and demand for accountibility
Garner Buy-in & Create Mindshare in citizenry
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