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What Is boko haram

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Jordan Shannon

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of What Is boko haram

By Jordan Shannon
What Is Boko Haram?
Who are the leaders?
How did the people react?
The generation of Boko Haram
Boko Haram is a terrorist group that is located in Nigeria.

The two leader are
Mohammed Yusuf
Abubakar Shekau
What made them start
this conflict?
Boko Haram started this conflict because the governor violated their human rights to freedom of expression
What did Boko Haram do to impact the people?
They went to schools and kidnapped 276 girls in 2009 used them for genocide and suicide bombing.
They kill family members.
Burning churches down.
In 2013, Boko Haram made series of awful school attacks in the northeast that killed dozens of boys.

International reaction on boko haram
Nigeria now have more support killing Boko Haram.
Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger troops made attempt to stop and kill Boko Haram
civilians didn't take long to kill Boko Haram for example, villagers pounced on the terrorists with mere rocks, bows and arrows which killed about 200 group members.
What Are the best way to stop and kill Boko Haram
Be aware of surrounding and avoid getting killed
Restore the glory of milltary and make it clear with nigerian allies

The goverment and subsquent one must work hard at gaining trust and copperation of nigerian deliberate and appropate response to attcks
State reaction

President and military are happy because they captured one territory to make a attempt at killing boko haram and stop them but at the same time boko haram had control most of terrytories in the northeast
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