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No description

Alejandro Arevalo

on 15 August 2018

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Transcript of SOCCER

England, in that time they split the ''rugby -football' in rugby and soccer and founded the first government association of soccer in the world.
Soccer was invented in 1863 in
♀No hands
♀Corner Kicks and Goal Kicks
♀11 Player per team
♀The objective is score in the rival's net
♀Each team have to have an uniform
♀The field is a rectangle with a center line
My Favorites Teams
I only root for one team and that teams is America de cali, I am falling in love with this team and their colors, although I like other teams like Barcelona and Juventus. I enjoy watching soccer every weekend.
My Favorite Soccer Player
My favorite soccer player is Leo Messi because he was born with the talent to make soccer easier, he was a gifted person, although that there are other good player like Ronaldo or Neymar but Messi has this skills without hard training.

In South America soccer generates a lot of different feelings, you can cry or feel extremely happiness if your team win or loose. we are so passionate about this sport.
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