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Erin, Erin, Victoria, and Daksha

Daksha Khatri

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Pakistan

Modern Pakistan
capitol is Islamabad
population of almost 200 million
97% Muslim
official languages are Urdu and English

four provinces: Punjab, Khyber, Sindh, and Baluchistan
federal and provincial governments operate on three-branch system
executive branch headed by president and prime minister
legislative seats reserved for women and non-Muslims
GDP: Gross Domestic Product.
GDP Growth
Jobs and Economy
Agriculture and farming!
owner-operated and tenant farms
a lot of tenants are in debt with employers/owners

25% of GDP
48% of labor
60% of land is unusable
Foreign Relations
August 14th, 1947
Cotton Farming
Important Figures
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
president 1971-73 and prime minister 1973-78
nuclear program
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
president 1978-1988
Benazir Bhutto
prime minister 1988-90 and 1993-97
first elected female head of Islamic state
conflict with India over territory since independence
Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1947, 1965, and 1971
continuing conflict
U.S. and Pakistan
major non-NATO ally in counter terrorism
Especially found in the judiciary and law enforcement
small number of wealthy landowners control capital and power
system in place since the British
Bhutto's nationalization program
redistributed wealth and economic control
exploited by corrupt goverment officials
monetary value of all the finished goods and services in a country
History of Pakistan
Mughal Empire 1526-1857

British (Raj) Empire 1858-1947

Partition/ Independence August 14th 1947.
Four provinces: more land or mountainous than others = more rural areas, and less even distribution of wealth and goods.
72% rural population
Poverty- women suffer heavily, small farm owners.

Other Jobs
Government Impact
on Farming
Taxes on landlords. (1973)
Taxed income on larger farms. (1977)
17% of farms decreased (1960-1980
Mughal Empire
British Raj (British Rule)
War of Independence
Culture & Traditional Clothes
Shalwar Kameez
Erin, Erin, Victoria, and
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