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Computing in the Educational Cloud

An overview of cloud computing for education. What is it? What are some sites and services that are useful? Originally created for OCTI Seminar Session in 2013.

Adam Watson

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Computing in the Educational Cloud

OCTI Seminar Session
(Web 2.0, Student-Owned Tech, School-Owned Tech)

Computing in the Educational Cloud
* 5 GB starter space free (Got $800 a month? 16 TB!)
* In-browser editing of docs; perfect integration for Google Docs
* Sharing: Documents reveal real-time changes
* File Protection: 30 days or 100 revisions
* iOS and Android apps
* Built into our school email interface (click on "Office")
* 7 GB starter space free (expandable to 100 GB)
* In-browser editing of docs
* Sharing: users must save & refresh to see changes
* File Protection: track last 25 revisions
* iOS, Android, and Windows apps
* Looks like another drive on your computer
* 2 GB starter space free (referral system to expand; pay up to $499/year for 500 GB)
* No doc creation within service
* Sharing: folders or files (can make public URL)
* Popular choice for "send to" functions of smartphones, apps
* iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Fire apps
What are your NON-TECH goals?
* Facilitate student-to-student communication
* Facilitate teacher-student communication
* Save paper!
* Share created content easily
* Give equitable, all-time, real-time access to resources
What is Cloud Computing?
Using the internet and intranet to access content and run programs, instead of the "old school" way of accessing only your local hard drive; "virtual" space that is easily accessible, sharable, expandable and archivable.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cloud_computing.svg
Created by Adam Watson, 2013.
Oldham County Technology Initiative (OCTI):
Thank you for your time!
Perfect for DNA
(Device Neutral Activities)
Interact across platforms, devices,
OS, people and time!
Article on DNA (quoting KATE's Ron Milliner):
For a "Maximum PC" October 2012 article comparing SkyDrive vs. Google Drive, read:
* Desktop program, app, or browser interface
* Expandable growth model; 100 MB/month for free, 1 GB/month for Premium ($45/year)
* Make Notes w/text, audio, webcam captures, "ink"; attach files; to-do lists
* Clip webpages (not with app!)
* Organize by tagging
* Sharing: VIEWING whole Notebooks or individual Notes (Notebooks can be made public with URL)
* iOS, Android, Blackberry,Windows apps
For more Evernote videos, go to:
For Andrew C. Maxwell's "100 Different Evernote Uses," visit:
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