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Alison Pugh

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of volleyball

In volleyball another word for passing is bumping.
Bumping is another important part of the game you have to pass it to each other, and don't let the ball hit the floor.
Volleyball is a game for two teams with six players, where the ball is hit over the net to hit the opponent's side of the court to get a point.

By: Alison Pugh

Serving is very important in volleyball its the way you win the game.
Aces are when you serve the ball and the other team lets the ball hit the floor.
Setters are one of the most important people on the team they are the ones that get every second pass, they set the ball up for the hitters to hit.
Spiking is an attacking play in volleyball when you force the ball onto the opponents side of the court.
It is usually the front row players that go for the attacks.
The Positions

There are two rows on the court, and six different positions.
You have your setter, middle blocker, outside blocker, left back, middle back, and your right back
The libero is the back row specialist defensive player that is specialized in getting the ball with serves and attacks.
Most of the time the libero wear a different colored jersey.
They don't get to go up to the front row to block or hit, but they do get to substitute as many times as they want to without the referees approval.

Middle Blocker
The middle blockers help the other two players on front row block the ball.
Middle blockers are usually tall, quick, and are able to block.
Middle Blockers
Outside Hitter
The outside hitter hits or blocks on the left side of the court
On offense the outside hitter is mainly the main passer
They also need to be tall, a good passer, and a good hitter.

Outside Hitters
Some of the Rules
Volleyball rules can be different depending on what level you play.
You can only have three hits on your side to send it over.
Nobody can hit the ball two times in a row and no catching or throwing the ball over the net is allowed.
If any of the players hit the net the other team gets the point and the ball.
To score it use to be just from scoring, now it is scoring, and when your opponent messes up during the game. You must win by two points for the you to win the game.
Base & Serve Receive
When your team has the ball your in base.
When your opponents have the ball to serve you are in serve receive.
Volleyball was invented in the U.S. by William Morgan in 1895. He was at the Holyoke, Massachusetts' YMCA, the "young men christian academy". Morgan combined the sports tennis, basketball, and handball and named it "Mintonette"
William Morgan
The uniform for volleyball is a jersey, spandex, knee pads, high socks, and volleyball shoes.
Indoor Volleyball
Indoor volleyball is the most common type of volleyball.
Each player has a specific role to play on the court
Beach Volleyball
Beach volleyball is played in the sand which is very good for your joints. There are only two players on the court, and each player must cover the whole court.
Travel Volleyball
Travel volleyball helps you gain a ton of advantages. Most high school players play to improve their skill. They play the tougher teams to get ready for school ball and be ready for the varsity teams.
Kerri Walsh Jennings
Kerri is one of the most famous volleyball players, she is a four time Olympian and has won three gold medals. Kerri played indoor volleyball at Sanford, and later moved to beach volleyball.
Outdoor Volleyball
Outdoor volleyball has the same rules, but a different setting.
It is played on a court that is like a tennis court
And the wind during outdoor volleyball is a huge factor
Kerri Jennings
Matt Anderson
Matt is 6-9 and plays out side hitter.
During the summer of 2007 Matt Anderson played outside hitter for the World Championship and his team finished seventh in the world.
In 2012 he was named USA Male Indoor Player of the year
Matt Anderson
Logan Tom
Logan is a four time Olympian she played outside hitter. She was the youngest to be selected for a olympic volleyball team at the age of nineteen. Logan had graduated at Stanford and was named the all around skilled player.
Logan Tom
Tara is one of the few indoor volleyball, four time Olympian. Tara played as the outside hitter for the U.S.A. team. Tara was a word class hitter. She won a bronze metal at the 1992 Olympics.
Tara Cross Battle
Tara Cross Battle
Steve Timmons
Steve won three medals and two of them were gold, and the other was a bronze. He holds a record of Olympic gold medals won by a man, and was named most valuable player in 1984. His team had won the world championship and world cup in the years 1985 and 1986.
Level BB
These players are confident on the court they know where to be on the court at all times. They have the skills to be competitive.
Level A
They know more than average players. Level A players usually play professionally, and have many strategies. These players play in the higher levels.
Endres Gustavo
Endres is a brazilian male volleyball player.
He was one of the best middle blockers ever.
Endres retired after the 2008 Olympic games.
He has won two world cups, six world league titles, and an olympic gold medal.
Endres Gustavo
Level C of Volleyball
Level c is the beginner stage of volleyball. The player is probably still learning the basics like, rotation or the rules of the game.
Level B
Level B player are more advanced than level c. They are capable of playing and winning. Level B players probably play with clubs.
Level AA
Level AA is another word for Olympic. They are professional and have many advantages. These players compete in the highest levels of volleyball. And know more about the sport than most people.
A dig is when the other team makes a very difficult attack and you save the ball from hitting.
Side Out
Side out is when your team serves the ball and messes up then your opponents get the ball, and it means get the back.
Blocking is when two players on the front row keeps the spiked ball from hitting their side of the court, and when blocking it doesn't count as a hit.
Steve Timmons
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