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Doctor Who

No description

Jenna Shattuck

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Who

Background Information!
Careful...This stuff is important!
Here are some of the Doctors that you missed...
Pay Attention!
You might see their faces again.
Now for some more recent stuff...
So get in the TARDIS and we'll head over to Earth.
Season 1
This is the TARDIS

That stands for:
This guy is the Doctor.
He's what's called a Time Lord from the planet
Gallifrey, which was destroyed in a war with the
Daleks (they will come up again so remember that
name!!). He's been traveling through time and
space in the TARDIS ever since.
This is Rose Tyler.
She is a shop girl in London. She lives
with her mother, Jackie, and has a
boyfriend named Mickey.
Episode One--Rose
The Doctor fights killer shop
mannequins in London with a
girl named Rose Tyler.
Epsiode Two--The End of the World
The Doctor and Rose witness the death
of the Earth after the Sun expands. There
they encounter Cassandra--the last human.
This is Cassandra.
She's the last human...plus tons of plastic
surgery. (She comes up again, so try to
remember her).
Episode Three--The Unquiet Dead
The Doctor and Rose visit Cardiff, Wales in the year 1869 where they meet Charles Dickens and find a funeral parlor whose corpses become possessed by alien ghosts. Gwen, a young maid, is the only person who can communicate with them.
Eve Myles, the actress
who played Gwen was
also in the Doctor Who
spinoff Torchwood, in
which her character's
name was, coincidentally,
also Gwen :)
Episodes Four and Five
Aliens of London & World War Three
A UFO crashes into Big Ben, and the passengers take over the bodies of important members of Parliament. The Doctor teams up with MP Harriet Jones to defeat these evil Slitheens.
These are the Slitheen.
They come from a planet called
Rexacoricofallipatorius. (Try to
figure that one out!). They are
This is Harriet Jones.
She comes back, so pay attention!
Episode Six--Dalek
Rose and the Doctor visit an
alien museum in America where
they are keeping the last Dalek.
(I told you they were important!!)
This is a Dalek.
In case you don't remember (which is extremely probable) the Daleks are from the planet Skaro and fought the Time Lords in the time war.
Their catch phrase is...
Their goal is to become the only living
creatures in the universe and destroy
everything else that is not Dalek.
Episode Seven--The Long Game
The Doctor and Rose visit Satellite
5 in the year 200,000 and defeat
a Jagrafess, which has been halting
the evolution of the human race.
This is Satellite 5.
It is a broadcasting Satellite that
holds mostly news channels. Floor
500 is where the Jagrafess was and
where the Doctor and Rose were held.
Epsiode Eight--Father's Day
Rose and the Doctor meet Rose's parents...on the day of her father's death. In the end, she gives up her father in order to save the space-time continuum.
Episodes Nine and Ten
The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances
The Doctor and Rose chase a UFO to 1940s London where a strange child is harassing young Nancy, asking the creepy question, "Are you my Mummy?" There they meet Captain Jack Harkness, a futuristic con-man.
This is Captain Jack Harkness.
He is a former Time Agent from the 51st century and he will flirt with anything no matter the gender or species. HE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! (And he's awesome). He now begins traveling with Rose and the Doctor.
Episode Eleven--Boom Town
The new mayor of Cardiff, Wales, is one of the Slitheen that the Doctor and Rose previously encountered. She is also trying to return to her home planet, Rexicoricofallipatorius, but the process would destroy the Earth.
Fun Fact!
There is a time rift running through Cardiff, Wales, making it an ideal place to recharge the TARDIS, which is technically *alive*. It also makes it easy to jump through to other sides of the universe.
And we have finally reached the Season 1 finale!!!
Episodes Twelve and Thirteen
Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways
Rose, the Doctor, and Jack return to Satellite 5, but now it's used for game shows in which the losers die. They find out that the Daleks are behind these killer shows and to defeat them, Rose looks into the soul of the TARDIS and destroys them with its power. To save her life, the Doctor absorbs the soul, and it begins to kill him.
More Information...
While containing the soul of the TARDIS, Rose takes the name of the TV production company, Bad Wolf, and scatters them into the Doctor's and her own time stream so she knows how to defeat the Daleks. It is now known that those words have appeared throughout the entire season.
Fun Fact!
This is where the spinoff Torchwood begins. Jack was killed by the Daleks, and Rose brought him back to life with the power of the TARDIS. Unfortunately, they forgot about him as the Doctor was dying, and Jack managed to find his way to 19th century Cardiff using his Time-Vortex Manipulator (fancy time-travel bracelet) and teamed up with Torchwood, an alien-fighting team.
So the Doctor is dying...
Time Lords have a cool way of cheating death--they REGENERATE, meaning they turn into a different person. So now the Doctor we have known for the past season...
Has regenerated into this guy.
Season 2
Since the ending of Season 1...
The Doctor's regeneration induced him into a coma, but that's not all.
Episode One--The Christmas Invasion
A space ship is hovering over London on Christmas Eve, and Harriet Jones (remember her? from the Slitheen episode?), who has been elected Prime Minister, recruits Rose and Mickey (Rose's ex-boyfriend) to help defend Earth from the Sycorax.
This is a Sycorax
They might come back later in the series...
Harriet Jones, new Prime Minister, had Torchwood London destroy the ship against the Doctor's wishes. (The Doctor doesn't approve of violence, a recurring theme throughout the entire series).
Episode Two--New Earth
The Doctor and Rose visit a hospital on New Earth, a second Earth adapted after the previous one died (the death that they witnessed in Season 1). There they come across Cassandra, the last human (again!) and she possesses the Doctor's body in order to escape her dying one.
And it's bigger on the inside!
And he's got a couple of really cool gadgets...
Sonic Screwdriver
This can inlock doors, hack computers, repair barbed wire, heal small cuts, and anything else you can think of :) Except it doesn't do wood...
Psychic Paper
This little piece of paper shows the viewer whatever the Doctor wants them to see, such as identification. It has also been known to relay messages from powerful psychic distress signals.
Episode Three--Tooth and Claw
The Doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria...and encounter an alien werewolf while traveling with her, one who wants to infect the royal bloodline.
Episode Four--School Reunion
The Doctor and Rose investigate a school where the students are abnormally intelligent. Turns out they are being fed alien sterroids by the teachers who are actually Krillitanes. There, they meet up with two of the doctor's old friends--Sarah Jane Smith and K-9.
This was Sarah Jane in the 1980s
And this is her now.
This is K-9, the super awesome robot dog.
Episode Five--The Girl in the Fireplace
The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey find an abandoned ship being run by creepy clock robots who have a strange fixation with the king of France's mistress, the Madame de Pompadour.
Episodes Six and Seven
Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel
The Doctor and Rose visit an alternative universe, one where Rose's father is alive and their family is wealthy. But they encounter an old enemy of the Doctor's--the Cybermen, who want to turn all humans into unfeeling robots.
These are the Cybermen
They will come up again so pay attention! Their goal is to make everyone like them, and if they aren't compatible for being converted, they are *deleted*.
Episode Eight--The Idiot's Lantern
The Doctor and Rose visit London in 1953 during Queen Elizabeth's coronation. But aliens inhabiting the new televisions are stealing people's faces.
Episodes Nine and Ten
The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit
The Doctor and Rose land on a tiny planet orbiting a black hole. Inside the planet is a giant alien monster possessing crew members on board and killing them with the help of the Ood.
Episode Eleven--Love and Monsters
Elton joins a group who are investigating the Doctor only to find that their benefactor, Victor Kennedy, is actually an alien intent on eating them all.
Episode Twelve--Fear Her
In 2012 London, the Doctor is captured in the drawing of a little girl possessed by an alien. Rose must get rid of the Isolus and send it back to its family.
And now the epic Season 2 finale...
Episodes Thirteen and Fourteen
Army of Ghosts and Doomsday
In the present day, strange apparitions are appearing all over the world, and the covert operation of Torchwood in London helps bring the ghosts to life--and it turns out they are actually Cybermen from the parallel universe the Doctor and Rose previously visited. From the other world also came a ship containing four Daleks called the Cult of Skaro.
More Information...
While the Doctor was trying to send the Cybermen and Daleks back to the parallel universe, Rose was accidentally sucked through the hole and is now trapped in the other world forever :'(
Thus ends Season 2
Season 3
Episode One--The Runaway Bride
After losing Rose, the Doctor is surprised by a bride suddenly materializing in the TARDIS named Donna Noble. Turns out her fiancee is working for the Empress of Racnoss, who wants to destroy the Earth.
This is the Emress of Racnoss...
And this is Donna Noble.
You must remember her!!!
She's awesome!!!
Episode Two--Smith and Jones
A hospital is transported to the moon and invaded by the Judoon, an alien police force searching for an alien fugitive in the building. The Doctor teams up with medical student Martha Jones to defeat the Plasmavore that the Judoon are looking for.
This is a Judoon...
They kind of look like freaky rhinoceroses.
This is Martha Jones.
She is a medical student who is totally bad ass. She becomes the Doctor's new companion, even though he only promises her one trip after they get off the moon.
Episode Three--The Shakespeare Code
The Doctor and Martha meet William Shakespeare, who is being manipulated by evil alien witches who can only be destroyed by using clever words. The one word that brought their demise was, funnily, *Expelliarmus* (a spell from Harry Potter).
Episode Four--Gridlock
On New Earth in the planet 5 billion, the Doctor meets an old acquaintance--the Face of Boe, who he met at the death of Earth with Rose in Season 1. Boe reveals a secret to the Doctor.
The Doctor also meets the Face of Boe.
He is 4 billion years old and he is mentioned many times thoughout the series so PAY ATTENTION!
What the Face of Boe revealed...
He told the Doctor, "You are not alone." The Doctor now knows that he is not the only Time Lord in the universe. The Face of Boe then died.
Episodes Five and Six
Daleks in Manhatten & Evolution of the Daleks
In 1930's New York, the Daleks create a Dalek-Human hybrid named Dalek Sec. They underestimate the changes in emotions when Dalek Sec wants to relocate to a different planet and the machine Daleks rebel.
Episode Seven--The Lazarus Experiment
Doctor Lazarus of Lazlabs attempts to create eternal youth, but the experiment goes wrong.
Episode Eight--42
After answering a distress call, the Doctor and Martha are stranded on a cargo ship hurtling into the center of the sun and only have 42 minutes to save it.
Episodes Nine and Ten
Human Nature & Family of Blood
The Doctor's Time Lord essence has been contained in a watch, and he is now John Smith, a school teacher and human. But the reason he relinquished his essence is because there is an alien family chasing him.
This is the Family of Blood...
(Minus the Doc and Martha)
They are an alien family possessing human bodies who animate scarecrows to be their army.
This is the Doctor's Watch...
Times Lords have these watches that are able to contain their Time Lord essences and make them human, but the process of making him human is extremely painful.
Episode Eleven--Blink
While the Doctor and Martha are stuck in 1969, Sally Sparrow must fight the Weeping Angels in order to retrieve the TARDIS and send it back to him.
This is Sally Sparrow...
Her best friend Kathy gets taken by the Angels and she must team up with Kathy's brother Larry. SHE IS FREAKIN AWESOME.
This is a Weeping Angel.
They turn to stone whenever someone is looking at them, but they are super fast...even if you just blink, they can get you! Basically they send you back in time and feed off the energy you left behind.
Now the amazing Season 3 finale...in 3 parts.
Episodes Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen
Utopia, The Sound of Drums, & Last of the Time Lords
Captain Jack Harkness is back when the Doctor stops in Cardiff to recharge the TARDIS. Together, they visit the end of Earth when humans are leaving to escape cannibals. There they meet an old scientist called Professor Yana.
This is Professor Yana, but he isn't as he seems...
He is actually a Time Lord called THE MASTER.
Remember that cool watch? The Master had one and became human, and forgot he was a Time Lord. When he opens the watch and remembers, he regenerates and goes back to the present day...and runs for Prime Minister under the name Harold Saxon.
Fun Fact!
In Utopia, we find out that since Rose brought Jack back from the dead at the end of Season 1, Jack comes back to life every time he dies. It helps with his alien catching Torchwood team in Cardiff :)
More Information...
After being elected Prime Minister, Harold Saxon (aka the Master) kidnaps the Doctor and enslaves the entire human race, planning on extending his power to other planets with the Toclafane (spherical robots).
Martha, with the help of Thomas, a fellow medical student, help to defeat the Master and his plans to enslave the universe. She then decides to leave the Doctor to stay in her present time.
What happens afterward...
After the Doctor leaves Martha, the bow of a ship crashes into the TARDIS, a ship called TITANIC.
Thus ends Season 3
Season 4
Last season, the Doctor was surprised by a ship called TITANIC crashing into the TARDIS. Now he must fight the Heavenly Host from crashing the giant ship onto Earth.
Episode One--Voyage of the Damned
This is the Heavenly Host...
They are robots whose halos are used as weapons and who can fly.
This is an Ood.
They are employed as servants because they enjoy serving humans and are usually peaceful when not being possessed by ancient monsters.
Episode Two--Partners in Crime
Donna Noble is back! She runs into the Doctor while investigating a drug company that sells a dieting pill called Adipose that literally makes the fat walk off of the people.
Episode Three--The Fires of Pompeii
The Doctor and Donna visit Pompeii, and it's volcano day. But the reason the mountain explodes is to destroy the army of aliens called Pyrovile that would destroy the Earth.
Episode Four--Planet of the Ood
The year is 4126 and the Doctor and Donna come across a factory where Ood are made ready to sell to humans. But the unprocessed Ood prove to be a problem when they try to free the entire race.
Episodes Five and Six
The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky
Martha Jones is now working for UNIT, an alien investigation agency, and calls the Doctor to ask for his help in investigating ATMOS, an air-conditioning company that has been killing people by filling its products with poisonous gas. Turns out a race of aliens called the Sontarans are behind it.
This is a Sontaran...
They are from the planet Sontar and are extremely militaristic.
Episode Seven--The Doctor's Daughter
The Doctor takes Martha on one last adventure in the TARDIS and they land on the planet Messaline, where a war is going on between the humans and the Hath, who kidnap Martha. And the way the humans keep up in this war is by a new kind of reproduction, and the Doctor gets pulled into it, receiving an adult daughter named Jenny.
Jenny is freaking bad ass.
The humans have made it so that anyone born through the machine has all knowledge of the war and is highly trained in combat. After the Doctor finally gets the humans and the Hath to agree on peace, the douche-bag human general shoots Jenny. But wait, she's a Time Lord, and Time Lords regenerate, right?? (hint: watch the clip to find out!)
The Torchwood Institute...
Queen Victoria, after seeing the terrors of extraterrestrial life, vowed to create the Torchwood Institute to fight alien threats, thanks to the Doctor. (It's the same Torchwood that Jack Harkness works for.)
Fun Fact!
Karen Gillan ends up playing a new character in season five, the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond.
Peter Capaldi ends up playing the 12th Doctor after Matt Smith (He also played a politician in Torchwood.)
Episodes Eight and Nine
Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead
While visiting the 51st century to see the largest library in the universe, the Doctor and Donna find it deserted and being explored by a group of archeologists. They soon discover that the whole planet has been taken over by shadow creatures called the Vashta Nerada.
Episode Ten--Midnight
In one of the best scary episodes of Doctor Who, The Doctor gets trapped on a train on a planet called Midnight, where a monster has taken over one of the passengers, stealing her mind and her voice.
Professor River Song
An archeologist from the 51st Century, River sacrifices her life to save the Doctor...but she will be extremely important later on in the series!!!
Vashta Nerada
Almost microscopic, they travel in extremely large numbers and are able to skin a body to its bare bones in seconds. They use the advanced space suits' data chips to communicate with the living archeologists, whose voices usually said, "who turned out the lights?"
Another Three-Part Finale!! Yay!!!!!
Episodes Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen
Turn Left, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End
It starts with Donna living in a world where she had never met the Doctor. Then Rose starts sending her warnings of what is to come and the Earth, along with 26 other planets, are taken from their places in the universe to the Medusa Cascade. There, the Daleks plan to destroy the Doctor and the Earth.
UNIT--Unified Intelligence Taskforce
Headed by Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, met by the 2nd Doctor in the late 1960s and the 3rd in the 1970s.
Martha Jones, the Doctor's companion from season three began working for them after leaving the Doctor. Now, she and Torchwood (and Jack!) help him defeat Davros, the Dalek leader.
The Doctor Accidentally Clones Himself...?
The Doctor finds a way to cheat regeneration by transferring his energy through his hand that was cut off during his last regeneration (which Jack creepily kept). This hand, when touched by Donna while the TARDIS was being destroyed, created a Doctor-human hybrid.
The Doctor says goodbye to Donna...
To save the TARDIS, Donna had absorbed Time Lord energy, giving her Time Lord intelligence in a human mind. She eventually begins to overheat and the only way the Doctor can save her is by making her forget all about him.
End of Season Three...
The Specials In Between
The Next Doctor
The Cybermen are attacking 1851 London, and another man claiming to be the Doctor turns out to be a regular man with a warped case of amnesia.
Planet of the Dead
A bus the Doctor is traveling on travels through a worm hole to a planet where a swarm of alien stingrays has the ability to destroyed everything on its surface. After defeating them, the Doctor receives a prophecy from one of the passengers...his song will end soon...and the man that will cause it will knock four times... :o
the Waters of Mars
The Doctor arrives on Mars in the year 2059 and finds a base where explorers are being possessed by something called the Flood, which lives in the water that they drink.
And Now...The Ultimate Last Episodes of David Tennant :'(
The End of Time Parts 1 and 2
The Master has been resurrected and a trap is forming around the earth...Gallifrey and the Time Lords would be brought back, but at the expense of destroying Earth. The Doctor reunites with Donna's grandfather, Wilfred to stop the Time Lords.
He knocks four times...
The Doctor has defeated the Time Lords, and thinks he will finally get off cleanly, when Wilfred, from inside a nuclear chamber, knocks to get his attention. The Doctor must then switch places with him and sacrifice himself, absorbing the nuclear energy, and he begins to regenerate.
The Doctor says goodbye to his companions...
...and then REGENERATES!
And now a quick lesson on Gallifreyan history from the ever-amazing Chameleon Circuit
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