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Social Media Campaign- FBLA

No description

Abigail Stevenson

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Campaign- FBLA

("FBLA Logo", FBLA)
What is FBLA?
Recruitment Strategy: Get more connected
Means of Outreach
Twitter year round
Facebook: For the Parents
Social Media Campaign- FBLA
Elizabeth Drawl
Abby Stevenson

Facebook Demographics
FBLA Proud Rally
Instagram: the Image of Success
"It's a place to learn new things about business."
-George Saleeby, senior
"It's serious without the stress..."

-Lizzie Drawl, senior
Actual Campaign
FBLA: Go the Distance
Example of FBLA Proud Contest
Connect w/ the student body
Est. visible network of members
Social media super-event to reward new members
"It's flexible and an easy transition into business."
-Jackie Feffer, freshman
parent oriented
the hub for all other outlets
gets FBLA's name out there
makes membership visual to non-members
member-to-member network
bandwagon: something to be a part of
"It's like a family that pushes you to succeed and supports you all the way."
-Joe Kolarak, senior
Recruitment Strategy:
Get more connected
FBLA info with an entertaining format
Presence and inclusion are key
It's fun!
Facebook Numbers:
Stand Out
Want to be tough
Want to be driven
Students want to stand out
FBLA provides a channel to individuality
2011- sharp rise in membership
Numbers rising now
Almost equal parents and teen
Parents want the best
Parents like to see progress
("Facebook Handshake", Schluter)

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Schluter, Haley. “Facebook Handshake.” Strategic Revolution. Strategic Revolution, 4 June 2014. Web. 10 Apr. 2015. <http://strategicrevolution.com/why-blogger-support-rocks>.
(“US Adult Facebook Users,” Guimarães)
("Coming and Going on Facebook," Pew Research)
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