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Project @TU Delft: Volendam 2

No description

Philipp Schwarz

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Project @TU Delft: Volendam 2

Project @ TU Delft
Master of Science
in Fisheries
Design a product, tool, experience or activity for new university students in your team's Dutch city
Volendam Introduction for Students @VIS
24-30 Aug. 2015
How did we get here?
Deciding on Contents
Create Poster
Create Presentation

an old fishing village at the Markenmeer
22.000 inhabitants
16 km²
popular tourist attraction: fishing boats & the traditional clothing
Impressions of Volendam
Fish Processing
VIS Objectives
Cultural Integration
Team Building
Finding your way around
Facts & Figures
Guide the jury around Volendam
Jury will consist of the local residents
Ultimate Challenge!!
30min introduction Dos & Don'ts
Sailing trip to Island Marken & Picnic

All in one boat
1. Pick a recipe for international fish cuisine
2. Buy fish and ingredients from the local market
3. Prepare the dish in your multicultural group
4. Wine and dine! ;P
Fish In Dish
Take us around the city:
Visit to the Volendam Museum
Photo in costumes
Art Workshop: "Sigarenbandjeshuisje"
"Colours of Volendam"
Culture Hopping:
City of Volendam
Master Study
Student Needs
Decide the three activities based on the student needs
Planning the details of each activity
Purpose, audience
Who will present what
Getting feedback
Concept: Advertising the program
Focus the content of the presentation to the activities
Aesthetically appealing
Andres, Christian, Fu Kai, Hariprasadh, Nupur, Philipp, Rosalia, Valeria, Wenzhao
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