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Leire Gordillo

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of POMPEII

The cause?
The cause was the violent eruption of the Vesuvius volcano.

But before that, there were several earthquakes.

The earthquake were formed by two plates, the African and the Eurasian.
Nowadays, there are films
about Pompeii.

Most buildings knock down with the weight of the stones of the volcano. Some others because of the high temperatures and the rest beneath the ash.
The buildings of Pompeii were sophisticated.
When the eruption happened there weren't lot of roads...The only thing is that, like all town, it stayed beneath the ash and some giant stones crashed the street.
Inside a house
The outdoor theater
Some things rescue from houses
That is famous all around world?
That Spanish people discover the ruins of Pompeii?
There are 12508 volcanoes in the earth but only 1555 are active. Here some of the famous ones.
Nevando de Ruiz
A volcano erupted in Tolima
on November 13, 1985.
Lot of

people died but the most "popular death" was Omayra one.
She was a young girl who got save in a mixture of lava and water. After 60 days she died.
It is one of the earliest eruptions in world it is in Indonesia.
The last eruption of Vesuvius happened in 1944?
Because of the eruptions beautiful and ugly stones happen? (the beautiful ones happen inside the volcano)
Pompeii is a ancient Roman city located in the region of Campania. In the year 79 a.c. Pompeii was buried because of the violent eruption of a volcano named Vesuvius, the eruption happened the 24 of august of that year.
Now this town is only a historical sight because the whole town was covered in a thick layer of ash, and no one can live there.
The volcano is located near Napoles and it's still active nowadays. The most popular eruption was Pompeii's one and also in that eruption the city Herculano was varied too. Is one of the most dangerous volcano because around it, they live around 3000000 people.
Nowadays, they don´t take any preventions because there are not people living there.

But, is true that they can be people visiting. And the tourism can be in danger. That's why they are attentive if they notice any difference in the crater of the volcano, or if they perceive an earthquake.
They estimated that 16,000 people died in Pompeii.

By 2003, around 1.044 casts made from impressions of bodies in the ash deposits had been recovered in and around Pompeii, with the scattered bones of another 100.
The remains of about 332 bodies have been found at Herculaneum (300 were discovered in 1980).
Thirty-eight percent of the 1044 were found in the ash fall deposits, the majority inside buildings.

These are thought to have been killed mainly by roof collapses, with the smaller number of victims found outside of buildings probably being killed by falling roof or by larger rocks thrown out by the volcano.

This differs from modern experience, since over the last four hundred years only around 4% of victims have been killed by ash falls during explosive eruptions. The remaining 62% of remains found at Pompeii were probably killed by the pyroclastic surge deposits.
There is also a song call "Pompeii".
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