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IIG Internal Newsletter

No description

Irene Giancaterino

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of IIG Internal Newsletter

4th IIG Internal Newsletter
Some deadlines
IIG e-learning suite
NIS-SU and AESS are working on the final version of materials.
The deadline is
20th of April
After this date,
all the partners can start the translation

Albena asks all the partners to send some
best practices
regarding green ICT.

Commercialization Plan

The final version of Commercialization Agreement is on BOX (WP1 folder).
All partners have to read, sign, stamp, scan and send through e-mail the concerned page firstly. Then the original paper copy should be also sent by (ordinary) mail to Democenter.
Dissemination materials

On BOX are available some dissemination materials:
newsletter .
Let's spread them as much as possible, also reporting dissemination evidence by images, photos, videos etc…
Social media plan
The next partners involved are:
• Foretagarna: 6. 4. – 19. 4
• Yeditepe UNI: 20. 4. – 3. 5
• NIS SU: 4. 5. – 17. 5
• Totem Learning: 18. 5. – 31. 5
• BPCC: 1. 6. – 14. 6
• Openaula: 15. 6. – 28. 6

During your turn, you are supposed to publish at least 3 posts per week (or 6 in 2 weeks but the more the better) as follows:
• 2 tweets
• 2 posts on FB
• 2 post on LinkedIn

During your time also remember to complete the excel file “social media plan” reporting all posts made to date (necessary to provide evidence of the activities on the web).
Another meeting??!?
During IIG skype conference Democenter asks the opinion of the partners on the possibility of a new meeting in June, as an incentive to speed up project activities and improve their quality.

All agree.

We are waiting for your preference on dates through Doodle.

Q6 is finished!

Let's check the Document Completion Status (on BOX)...there are some Q5 and Q6 reports missing or incomplete.


Each partner should prepare at least 2 events in order to promote IIG. One of these should be organized within the 30th of June (before Summer)
Energy meters

Democenter is buying the energy meters for dissemination activities.
The energy meter selected is the most evolved between the consumption meters: it's a precision instrument with high resolution that measures consumption/power of a single device (a computer, a screen...).

he energy meters PM600 is useful both for individuals who want to detect the consumption of the various appliances, and for electrical or computer professionals who want to correctly size power lines or UPS according to the actual needs of personal computers, monitors, printers, or other equipment.
WP 3

Aliter is working on the Consolidated Needs Report. It will be finalized within the
28th of April


Manu sent to partners an e-mail with three documents for WP7: Activities, Aims and Survey.

All partners have to read and complete the
survey within the
24th of April
to allow WP7 leader to implement its activities.

IIG Game
Totem estimates to finish the first version of the game within 2 weeks.
The deadline is 25th of April.
After that date, all the partners can start the translation.

Here you can see some game screenshots.
Something interesting ...
Marta will upload on BOX (WP5 folder) a EC guide about training of SMEs (50 cases of good practices), in order to understand what the EC expects from us.

Why don't you have a look?
...and find the right motivation to do your best!
Have a look to the future activities of our project..
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