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Jump Business Course

No description

Lavana P

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Jump Business Course

What is Business? An organization that provides
goods and services to others
who want or need them But...
Why do
Exist? Satisfy Customer
Needs Earn Profits Provide Income Support a Cause Improve the world we live in What Types of Businesses Exist ? Not For Profit
i.e. Make A Wish Foundation Manufacturing -Clothes
Retailer -Walmart
-Home Depot E-Business -Google
-Ebay What Do All Businesses Have In Common? 4 Core Business Areas Finance and Accounting Cash Flow & Managing Money
Budgets Human Resource Management Hiring
Training Operations and Production Manufacturing products
Efficient Methods
Marketing Advertising
Gathering information on what consumers like, want etc. Product Price Place Promotion 4 P''s of Marketing Product
Promotion All Products can't be sold to EVERYONE So, Businesses pick a TARGET MARKET A group of people with:
similar interests

i.e. 12-15 year old females who enjoy outdoor activities and sports. Create a Candy You will be divided into groups and given a card with a certain target market on it.

Your job will be to invent a candy that will appeal to this group. 1. What types of flavours and colours do they like?
2. What will the wrapper look like?
3. What will the name of the candy be?
4. Where will you sell this candy? Gazillionaire Game! Supply and demand: You will travel to different planets looking to buy low and sell high to make a profit.
Make sure to pay off your debt, interest adds up!
Keep on top of technology
Maintain employee morale.

Business Career Paths 1.Finance Financial Analyst, Stock Broker, Financial Advisor

2.Accounting Chartered Accountant, Analyst

3.Marketing Public Relations Specialist, Advertising agent, Brand Manager

4.Business Law Lawyer, Consultant

5.Operations Line Manager, Purchasing Manager

6.Human Resources Recruiter, Trainer, HR Consultant
For Profit
i.e. McDonalds Service -Health Care Professionals,
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