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No description

Sarvar Mukimov

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Reebok

General information
Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy

Analysis marketing
Established in 1985 in
small England village Holcombe
First success in 1904 Alfred Shrubb
a new world record sprint at 10 miles.
J. ‘W. Foster & Co
Reebok in 1958
It couln't be revolution product in its market as Apple or Ford but...
Reebok was the first offered to wear sport shoes every day.
Reebok was the first offered shoes for aerobics which becoming more and more popular in 1980's
As Arch Ward said "When to climb to the top of the stairs, the most difficult thing - to break through the crowd at the first step"
Greater interest in the sport began to take women - needed accurate, at the same time, individual sports shoes
Created by: Mukimov Sarvar & Maruf Toshpulatov
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