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Olmec Housing & Food

No description

Haya Al Nasser

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Olmec Housing & Food

Olmec Housing & Food

Olmec homes were very simple and made out of logs, heavy stone, and clay. Olmecs liked to live near flood plains so built their houses on small mounds or platforms.They also lived in buildings with earth packed around poles which were used as sleeping area, dining room, and shelter. Other Olmecs lived in small villages or small neighborhoods. Some olmecs were so protective of their food they dug holes and to store it in.
Explain slash-and-burn agriculture and what were its advantages & disadavantages for the Olmecs?

Slash-and-burn agriculture is when the Olmecs cut down trees and forests or set them on fire to make more land available to plant crops. They also used this method of farming becasue the ashes from the burnt trees was used as fertilizer. The disadvantages of using slash-and-burn agriculture is that when trees are falling they can hit and kill animals. It also happened that more trees were burnt down than necessary which also killed animals living there, destroyed natural habitats and interfered with the food chain.
Daily Diet
The Olmecs mostly ate a plant-based diet which included squash, tomato, nuts and sweet potatoes. They also ate maize because they believed that one particular god had a special connection to it. Before they ate they prayed to their gods for a miracle to happen.
The first taste of chocolate wasn't exactly munching on the goodness we are used to today, but was a bitter drink. They drank the chocolate with milk, herbs and chilli. Columbus (as usual) got the first glimpse of the cocoa beans when passed the port of Mexico. He later introduced the cocoa beans to the rest of the world.

How did the statues and the temples of the Olmec help upon their religious beliefs?
All of the civilizations all believe that the gods have some type of charactarestic like one temple for the man god is just speciallized just to men because they believe that men have more power back then and still now. The temples also help because whenever the olmecs saw it theyd pray infront of it.
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