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What does a school factory make?

Fly through a visual overview of the organization and its programs. Just click the 'play' button to start!

James Carlson

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of What does a school factory make?

Reinventing what "school" means Space Federation Schools for Communities Surprise Schools All our programs must meet key needs:
Enable community formation
Enable learning relationships, mentoring
Accessible intergenerationally
Form diverse networks
Fill gaps left open by traditional schooling Bucket Brigade Flashmob Emergency School Interactive experience for large groups
Public and fun
Engages a wider network Gather a random group from a pickup spot
Teach them one subject in a fun way
Bring them back to where they started http://bucketb.com Needs: special event team, planning team, grant funding Needs: special event/planning team one time events that generate exposure, advance the mission, and help engage more participants in other programs Instant collaborative model for freelancers
Brings members of spaces together on paid projects
Generates revenue to sustain members
Helps people focus on their best skills
Distributed workload, transparent work environment Make the places where people who can teach each other will gather
Permanent 'third place' for learning, creativity, community
Access to many generations, talents, skills
Infrastructure/tools for creating, sharing, consuming Events, festivals, and programs
Volunteer-driven, managed, paid staff supported
Repeating and predictable schedules
Multiple domains of practice: film, tech, theatre, art, food, entrepreneurship Gallery





Co-working Jigsaw Renaissance Seattle Makerspace
Planning team visited Bucketworks in 2009
Location opened Jan 2010
55 members today Willow Brugh The Space Startup Kit The Interspace Passport What if I already have a space? Connects all spaces through a common membership program
Anyone can join
Spaces share the membership fees
Provide a common level of service
Stamp the passports!

Members share best practices
Knowledge and tools
Grant and financial support
Monthly virtual meeting
Annual un-conference for space makers Are you a space Maker? Financial
Sponsorship Leadership
Development Hacker,
inventor Artist, designer, photog Social enterpriser Property owner Civic and
community leader Creative economy custodian Discovery Formation Launch Outreach 9 to 15 months Landlord and location support Community engagement Infrastructure and technology Ready-made Programs that build Community Education Community Economy StartupAccelerator Bucket Brigade Unconferences Meetups Festivals Self-development Space Development Program
a.k.a. Space Kit Mentoring, Training, and Support for Leadership Team How long does it take? Who makes a space? Each space can have its
own passport cover, 2d
barcodes, stamps. Even programs could have stamps. A new way to do a report card, bio, or resume. Milwaukee Spotlight Web414 The World's Stage StartupAccelerator Open Art Annual film festival for highschool students Started in 2006
Semi-professional theatre
Executed by highschool students
6-12 schools have been involved
Students do 3-6 shows or events per year
Work with local theatre experts and mentors startupaccelerator.org
Barcamp-like un-conference format
Focused on entrepreneurs, starters
Full day format
First event September 26, 2009
Second event March 13, 2010
Third event at WCTC Sep 25, 2010 12 week program
Exposes people to a variety of creative expressions
A gateway experience to participate in other programs VizThinkMKE Monthly Meetup
Discuss visual thinking
How to draw while you talk 2 day event
Film screenings
Prizes and awards
Two students have received scholarships
68 movies from 11 states in 2008 Web414 Show DevHouseMKE Monthly meetup
Format like talk show
2 hours Quarterly "hacking party"
Get it done
Socialize and support
6-8 hours Annual un-conference
100-200 attendees
32 hours long
open session format Where does the money come from? Spinoff companies
Space Membership fees
Program admission/participation fees
Scholarship sponsorships
Earned revenue Bucketworks The Future Co-working Meetups 1319 N MLK Drive 2002 1340 N 6th St 2007 Started May 2002

Concept: Health club for the brain

Take the regular concept of a health club, with a facility, memberships, equipment, coaches, and community and change the equipment and coaches to support brain health by offering members the opportunity to work on their ideas and inspirations instead of their muscles. Practice Space New neighborhood
New facility
Focused program Goal: 150 members
50 core members ($175/month)
100 pro members ($75/month) Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Startups Groups Goal: 16 meetups per month
20-60 person attendance Individuals Groups Goal: Practice space booked all hours
5-7 groups regularly use it
10-15 individuals regularly use it 2009 2010 706 S 5th St The flood flood sale Programs Events of 2010 YOUTH TECH BUSINESS CREATIVE DrawCamp Unconference format
Focus on drawing at all levels
Family friendly, high-touch, high-tech BarCamp PhotoCamp Unconference format
Focus on photography and design at all levels
Family friendly, high-touch, high-tech What to do with all this?
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