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A Green Colorado

No description

Alberto Muniz

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of A Green Colorado

Wind Power
Wind Turbines will be built in open areas around cities.
How it works
Wind moves the blades and creates electricity.
Benefits of windpower
Renewable energy
Powered by wind
Creates job
2,000,000 for each turbine
A Green Denver
About Denver, Colorado
Location: 39° 44' 21" N and 104° 59' 3" W
Denver, Colorado is located near the center of the United States and is a landlocked state.
The states that landlock Colorado are Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico.
Denver is known for the Rocky Mountains
The population of Denver is 2012 was 634,265
There is 154.9 square miles in Denver, Colorado

Solar Panels!
Green Spaces
Grassy open land will be made and tress will be planted.
How it works
Old industrial sites will be destroyed to make room for green spaces.
Benefits of green spaces
Reduces pollution
Keeps people healthy
Gives habitats a home
Improves the air quality
Reduces noise pollution
Solar panels will be used to power homes, apartments, and business buildings
How it works
The solar panels absorb the sun' s Kinetic energy and turns it into electricity.
Benefits of solar panels
It saves money
Helps prevent global warming
Renewable resource
A 20,00 watt system cost $30,000 per bundle

Instead of using cars or buses that pollute, you can use a bike that does not release any kind of pollution.
How it Works
Bikes will be available to be rented on the streets
Anyone can get a membership
Benefits of bicycles
Helps loose weight
Does not pollute the air
Can be cheaper then buying gas
To build one bike rack is $300
Managing Waste
More garbage cans will be available on streets.
How it Works
Garbage cans will encourage people to put their trash in the garbage instead of on the street.
Benefits of garbage cans
Garbage will not pollute Denver if the people use the garbage cans.
The city will look clean
One street garbage cost $30
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy is heat that is created from the earth.
How it Works
Comes from Steam or hot water reservoirs
The energy will be used to heat and cool buildings.
Uses steam to generate electricity instead of fossil fuel
Buildings will have vents similar to air conditioning.
Benefits of geothermal energy
Releases less carbon dioxide
Unlimited amount
One plant cost $8,000,000 to build

Denver Broncos
By: Alberto Muniz
Nick Kronland
Stephanie Debruler
Juan Lopez
Rayshawn Armstrong
Angelo Johnston
Green Roofs
Green roofs will be added to 200 Apartments and business buildings.
How it works
Vegetation is planted on a building's roof with water helping it grow.
Benefits of green roofs
Waste in landfills lower
Better air quality
Creates jobs
Reduces noise pollution
The Denver Broncos have learned a lot more about pollution from this project. We learned more ways you can help to prevent pollution and the benefits of using other resources that do not pollute. Using renewable energy and riding a bike benefits you and the earth. Just by turning down your thermostat or turning off the water while you brush you teeth make a difference in the world. For now on we will use recycling bins more instead of using garbage cans. We will also turn off water when it is not in use.
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