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IB Learner profile: Caring (final version)

This porject will visually show the aspects of caring for the IB learner profile.

Celeste Outhenthapanya

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of IB Learner profile: Caring (final version)

IB Learner Profile Trait By Amanda Perez and Celeste Outhenthapanya How is caring used in IB classrooms? What is the purpose for caring? CARING What IS caring? Caring is when a human being displays an
act of kindness towards another. These acts
can be simple and usually make a person's
day and make them feel good. Caring in
basics can be defined as showing concern
and showing helpfulness to society. This trait is implemented into IBMYP
classrooms to show students to care for
one another and perhaps overall create
a more caring environment worldwide.
This could be a significant difference in
society today. The purpose of caring being placed into
this program is to teach students to be
kinder to one another and create a
better working environment so that later
in life we have a better chance of
working together in a more stable
cooperative working environment.
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