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Copy of Startup Weekend

54 Hours from Concept to Company

proyecto de grado

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Startup Weekend

"What is the amount of residues that our community generates?" " Is there any plan being executed at Rochester school that provides tools in order to reduce the levels of residues?" 0 Midway Video Point of Concern Implementation CASE PRAE "THE I US" Menu The function of PRAE is to identify an environmental issue that is considered important for the community. They have to develop pedagogical and didactic proposals for the integration of this matter to the Institutional Educational Project. The affected community is encouraged to develop these proposals from the construction of cooperative work. Make color groups
Three R's Chart
Orginize each residue in the chart
Expected Result
Self-Evaluation Warm-Up Activity "What actions are the most appropriate in order to suggest a plan to reduce the amount of residues, and at the same time provide information about a balanced nutrition?" REDUCE WHAT YOU USE Graduation Project Carlos Mauricio Gutierrez Luna
Juan Sebastián Rubiano Muñetón
Juan Pablo Duarte Baracaldo Presentation Goals The daily overproduction of residues at Rochester School due to the inappropriate nutrition habits among our community members. Accomplish an oral presentation that shows evidence of cooperative learning, THEIUS and SAMICCC as tools used for the deisgn and development of our proposal. Current Situation Roles Juan Pablo Duarte: Translated our work to english, interview guillermo, written work, grammar check, desing presentation. Challenging Goal To be a sustainable institution and a model to follow as far as environmental care is concerned, from quality perspectives such as integrity and environmental awareness, positioning as a means of development and progress for the neighboring communities. Waste-Free Lunch Waste Free Blocks Reduce What You Use SAMICCC European Union Eviromental Legislation Colombian Eviromental Legislation Rochester Eviromental Managment Policies PGIRS Old Site Comparison Each bag will have the number of the corresponding block. We weigh and analize the collected data and therefore we know which block produced the most and least amount of residues. Label the collector bags by blocks in order to know what block produces the least and most amount of wastes. There will be a document that stablishes the reward for the block that accomplished the goal, and a following plan for the block who still has more to improve. Attainable: Using current and ongoing different campaigns, conferences, informational workshops and trainings done by PRAE, CASE and LEED, our project proposes to include the waste-free blocks game. Inmediate: This project does not require any high initial investments in money, infrastructure or logistics. Therefore, it could be implemented immidiately. Control by Planner: While trying to pilot the waste free blocks game, which consisted of weighing the residues in each block during the month of April, we realized that this project requires an institutional commitment in terms of the logistics and procedural policies. The piloting stage did not work throughly due to the lack of effort coordination. This project includes the use of a follow-up chart designed to register the collected data which can be used to redirect the strategies to follow Commitment: As a team, we have been highly committed to planning and designing two proposals tending to reduce the production of solid residues in our school. The future succes in the adaption and implementationof these ideas will require the same or even a higher level of motivation and commitment from PRAE and CASE so that these ideas can actually come true. Desired Situation Create self-evaluation spaces in order to guide the community so they can understand that the change is in our own hands and that it comes from home. Consistent: This project follows the legal framework for environment friendly legislation both around the world and in our country. This guarantees the high degree of harmony and compatibility of the project with its real posibilities. It follows a model alredy tested and proven in countries like United States and Canada. Simple: There are clear easy-to-implement step by step guidelines to carry out our two proposals. Measurable: Through the data collected from the game every cycle, the school can determine how much it has moved towards the project challenging goal. Managment Policies PGIRS MAAT LEED "REDUCE WHAT
YOU USE" Desired Situation Important Definitions Waste: Garbage: Residues: Carlos M. Gutierrez: Desing the presentation, draft mind maps, analyzed residue data, created graphics, written work, Interview with Guillermo, oral preparation. .*Juan S. Rubiano: Desing invitation card, desing Presentation, written work, collected residues data, gramma check, logo desing, oral preparation. Pilot Research There are many success stories in which the implementation of the waste free lunches program has been effective and very useful as well.

The City of Santa Cruz sponsored a waste free lunch challenge at four schools. Students, teachers, parents and administrators worked together at each school to make the waste free lunch challenge a success. A group of students from each school took a leadership role in the challenge. They collected and weighed lunch trash on several regular school days to get an average daily waste to be used for comparison. Then they collected and weighed the trash on the waste free lunch day and compared the results. The students helped make posters and presented information to all the classes in the school. They helped students separate their waste after the waste free lunch day. Here are the results: Get people to know the two proposals stated by our project "Reduce What You Use". Understand why it is important to reduce the amount of solid residues. Promote self-evaluation regarding the enviromental impact produced by our residues. New Site Develop a project having as a basis Cooperative Learning and all those tools teamwork includes. By analyzing the graphs the PRAE has been making, to contribute with improvement strategies that help to the minimization of the solid residues that are being generated in our community. Design the game “waste free blocks” with activities and strategies of application regarding environmental awareness and knowing how we can act as changing agents. Provide information to the Rochester community about the implementation of programs like “waste free lunches”, and how we can make little changes beginning with our daily life behaviors such us reducing the residues in simple things like bringing the lunch to school. Ask for the participation of the PRAE and CASE the entities in charged of the environmental management, for them to be the leaders of executing the ideas proposed in our project. That the Rochester community knows about the current solid residues productions with real data and graphs. Develop strategies inside the Virtues development program to reduce the solid waste production and in that way improve the environmental care and thus the people’s health. They act as environmental school guardians that will be the executers of different campaigns and projects always willing to improve and to create awareness in the community. An unusable or unwanted substance or material, such as a waste product. Worthless or nonsensical matter; rubbish. Something that remains after a part is removed, disposed of, or used; remainder; rest; remnant. Acknowledgements Environmentally Committed
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