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Benito Mussolini presentation

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Matt Durso

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Benito Mussolini presentation

General Info

Born: July 29, 1883, Predappio

Nicknames: Iron Prefect, ll Duce

Spouse: Rachele Mussolini ( 1915–1945), Ida Dalser ( 1914)

Children: Romano Mussolini, Edda Mussolini, Bruno Mussolini, Vittorio Mussolini, Benito Albino Mussolini, Anna Maria Mussolini BENITO MUSSOLINI Benitos Background His parents Rosa Maltonu and Alessandro Mussolini were the main influence of his beliefs. They created the base in his socialist views.

He then became a writer for the Avanti, and proclaimed his views aginst Germany at the start of WWI While working for the Avanti he grew to be the most forceful of all the labor leaders of italian socialism

At the beginning of WW1 Mussolini supported the Italian involment in WWI but the socialsit party did not support his idea to join in the war.

This fallout between them led to Mussolini's change in beliefs and he left the Socialist party and the Avanti. On march 15 1921 he was elected into the Italian Chamber of Deputies with 35 other Fascists as a right wing member His rise to power

Shortly after, he was elected into the Italian liberal governments run by Ivanoe Bonomi,Giovanni Giolitti,and Luigi Facta they became unsuccessful in stopping the spread of anarchy.

In need of a new liberal leader, King Victor Emmanuel III appointed Mussolini to prevent a communist revolution in Italy in october 1922. Mussolinis Foreign Policy In october 1935 Mussolini sent 400,000 troops to Ethiopia and in May 1936, they captured Addis Ababa the capital of the country.

Unfortunately, the league of nations opposed the capture of ethiopia and mussolini sought Alliance with Nazi Germany, non members of the league since 1933.

Hitler admired Mussolinis achievments and germany and italy became very close.

In october 1936, Hitler and Mussolini created a non military alliance. Following in germanys footsteps Along with the non military alliance, Italy also signed on to the german annexation of austria in 1938,and the Pact of steel with Hitler in may 1939.

Like Hitler,Mussolini adopted a racial policy, creating an apartheid in italy. Downfall of Mussolini and military Mussolini's military slowly began to weaken, when hitler invaded Poland, Mussolini's armed forces were unprepared.

Mussolini ended up declaring war in June 1940 after the fall of france but after an unseccessful attack in greece ,he had no choice but to follow germanys declaration of war on Russia and the U.S in 1941. Propaganda Mussolini gained most of his power from propaganda and media. This made his rise to power quick and easy. This is some of Mussolini's propaganda posters.The one on the far right is the one they put in most schools and taught kids, which translated means.
"Believe,Obey,Fight!" During the last days of the war in Italy, Dictator Benito Mussolini attempted to escape the advancing Allied Army by hiding in a German convoy headed toward the Alps. Partisans stopped and searched the convoy at Dongo. They found him in the back of a truck wearing a private's overcoat over his striped general's pants. The partisans took him prisoner and he was later joined by his mistress, Clara Petacci, at Mezzegra. The council of partisan leaders, lead by the Communists, secretly decided to execute Mussolini and 15 leading Fascists in retaliation. The Communists, secretly decided to execute Mussolini and 15 leading Fascists in retaliation. They were executed on April 29, 1945, and their bodies were hung at an Esso gas station in the Piazzale Loreto in Milan.
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