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Melissa Villegas

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Scenarios

One of the most important things I believed that Alexander did or had to think about before visiting the older lady, who lived in the long-term care facility. It is to know something about her past life, also we have to know her life there including the importance of visiting for her. First of all everybody have to know that it is also helpful to know some facts about resident’s rights, quality acre, cultural differences, aging, loss, and basics about effective communication. This knowledge will make the visit more enjoyable for both visitor and resident. Mean
Nurse Alexander should talk to both the teacher and the director in charge of program... Scenario Sequence 2, Part 3, The Circumstantial: If the elderly resident is a white man and a racist or anti-feminist or even both; then Alexander could suggest to the director of the retirement home that he could be moved to another retirement home. What to do?
Solutions: and make sure it is okay for him to work
more than time originally agreed. One problem to this solution is the location of the retirement home. If its in a place like El Paso, TX then the nearest mostly white populated city he might have to be moved to is a city like Arlington with a “population of about 67% white people” and some ways from El Paso, TX. Another problem could be that if the white man sets a case against the retirement home because of the female Hispanic nurse then the director would have to fire the nurse or even all the Hispanic nurses; and she and all the Hispanic nurses might seek revenge against the white man and his life might be at stake. Your response: MLA Citations:
“http://www.danheller.com/images/Europe/Greece/Tinos/People/old-man-n-white-mustache-2-big.jpg”. Danheller. n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2012.
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“Arlington, Texas.” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2012.

The importance of visit the old lady, since Alexander went to visit or since he stared to do his internship with this old woman, is that she started to improve her health’s and quality of life. I believed that also it can improve morale, relieve depression and pain, in other words, it makes the facility like home for these people and they start to feel like young people. About the resident’s right.
One of the most important points that we have to be clear on this, it is that even if these people are old, they still are humans which mean that they have their rights. While living in a nursing home, each resident is entitled to receive quality care, experience quality of life, and exercise their rights. Included in these guaranteed rights is the resident’s right to be visited by family and friends. Basically, a person living in a long term care facility maintains the same rights as an individual in the larger community or as everybody else. One of the things that Alexander found in this facility was some discrepancies between how various residents are treated. While most t facilities and staff try to do a good job in caring for residents, some residents will experience abuse or neglect. For Alexander and the law, it is a violation of State and Federal law for any person, including facility staff, volunteers, visitors, family members or guardians, or another resident to neglect or abuse a resident. This includes physical, mental, verbal, psychological, and sexual abuse. Scenario 2 what the hell?
Where is everyone? The Problem
Scenario 2, Part 1, The Physical:

During his last semester at the university, Alexander has decided to start volunteering at a retirement home as part of an internship for his degree. Alexander is assigned to an elderly woman. The elderly woman needs help doing daily activities. Alexander has agreed to volunteer at least ten hours a week, however, once he starts volunteering, she begins to ask him to visit her more often because the nurse does not provide her with the assistance she needs. Questions to ask before solving.

. Understanding the retirement home.
. Understand the medical condition. Build positive relationships with staff
. Participate in the care plan process.
. Take it to the administrator. Understanding the retirement home.

Alexander have to understand how a retirement operates and the constraints, procedures, and responsibilities that dictate how they must function provides a foundation for communicating your concerns to facility staff. Some frustration with retirement care is the result of unrealistic expectations or a misunderstanding of what a long term care facility is supposed to provide in the form of care, response to family preferences, and personal services and amenities. Knowing how the retirement is supposed to function puts a family member in position to ask for and expect care improvement and problem corrections the facility staff can actually provide. Understand the medical condition of the patient.

Today’s medical advances can lead to higher expectations for improvement or recovery from illnesses or that the effectiveness of today’s treatments should maintain and extend the life of seriously ill family members despite their condition. Before finding fault with the outcome of the facility’s care processes, family members should become aware of the realistic outcomes and quality of life resulting from the medical care available for their resident’s specific diagnoses. Understand the nature; physical, emotional, and psychological effects; effective medical treatments; and potential for recovery for the medical condition(s) of your family member. Participate in the care plan process.

It is a human basic that if the staff only hears from family members when there is a problem, they will tend to minimize their time with the resident to avoid the possibility of criticism for any care they provide. Employees with positive relationships with family members are more likely to work with the family to see that the resident gets good care. They will feel free to discuss problems they see and suggest solutions without the fear of being chastised.
It is understandable that staff may feel overworked and operate under stressful circumstances, but expectations for good care should not be lowered. Appreciate the conditions under which they work, but don’t let that prevent your being assertive, confident, and respectful in pursuing solutions to your concerns. solutions Possible argument against your solution 1:

!Are this internship that Alexander is going to complete in order to him to get his diploma is going to benefit him or the old lady?? Considerations, Don’t hesitate to take legal action if it is justified but remember, the retirement facilities law firm will probably be bigger than your law firm, their law firm will probably have more experience in such cases than your law firm, and the facility has liability insurance to cover the cost of much of their legal defense.There are circumstances justifying legal action but be sure the matter has reached that point, otherwise such threats and communications from attorneys may just harden the relationship between the family and facility management. There is a white man that got into an argument with a female Hispanic nurse and the question is “Is he a racist or anti-feminist; or possibly both? As to this, how is Alexander going to solve the situation? One last problem to this solution is that the retirement home could look racist towards white people if it moves the elderly white man out of the retirement home and the retirement home would be shut down. Overall, it depends on the racial and feminist views of the elderly white man that would determine Alexander’s solution this problem. We hope you don't get offended by any part of our presentation, but in advance if we do we are sorry. :P Melissa, Gio, Carlos In case of a
I would recommend
setting up a
camera as evidence.
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