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No description

elizabeth vaughan

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of Paramecium

The Paramecium is an organism found in water
It feeds mainly on bacteria
Has adaptations such as cilia and contractile vacuoles
The Paramecium is a single celled organism.
The Paramecium
Contractile Vacuoles
Cilia's are tiny hair like structures located around the edge of the paramecium
They are used for directing the paramecium
The cilia help unicellular organisms move.
The Cilia and flagella are very similar.
Contractile Vacuoles are located on the right side of the Paramecium in an almost sun shape.
They control water pressure with in the organism, by absorbing and releasing water around them.
One of the reason they are there is to help fresh water paramecium survive if amounts of salt water comes around them.
The paramecium is an molecule found in the water
It has 2 adaptations : the Cilia and Contractile Vacuole
The Cilia helps with movement and direct the paramecium.
The Contractile Vacuole regulates water pressure and keep the paramecium alive when the water changes.
yahoo images
users.rcn.com/ BiologyPages/ Cilia
by: Elizabeth Vaughan
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