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Comparison- Divergent & Fahrenheit 451

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Lyndsey Mylius

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Comparison- Divergent & Fahrenheit 451

Comparison- Divergent & Fahrenheit 451

In the beginning of F451, Guy Montag was happy with his job, and everyone else was happy doing what they did best too.
Towards the middle of the book, Montag realizes that he hasn't been happy, and he longs for something more and so we find out he has read and collects books, but the government hasn't gotten any less strict about censorship
Through the end of the book, Montag fights for book censorship to be banned but the government tries to hunt him down and kill him because they would kill any other people who collects books like himself.

Government Control
Divergent- People are constantly under government regulation; Everyone has to choose a faction set up by the government

F451- People are constantly under government regulation; Government closely monitors who owns books/ takes action when they find out.
Divergent- People live in fear of other factions because of the different talents and strengths of each.

F451- People live in fear of the government because of close monitoring and book burning.
People can surprise you
Divergent: Tris chooses the faction Dauntless, which was completely unexpected because she was born into Abnegation, which has complete opposite beliefs/ perspectives on life.

F451- Montag starts out at a fireman (someone who works for the government by enforcing the book cencorship laws and burns houses down with books inside of them), but in the end we find out he's been collecting and reading books all along
Divergent- Tris is different from everyone else except for a few people in her society; she is divergent, meaning she has a mixture of multiple talents/ instincts, unlike most people who only have one. Also, many people want to kill her because she is an outcast and that is why she needs to keep it a secret.

F451- Montag (a fireman) secretly collects books, which is against book censorship, which is illegal where he lives.
Rebels against government and collects books
Outcast (only one who collects books)
Changes tremendously throughout book into a book lover
Rebels against the government and fights for the divergent when the government tries to control the Dauntless's minds and make an army
Outcast (she's divergent)
Changes throughout book into a fearless and strong fighter.
Montag and Tris
Mildred and Tris's mom
Montag feels disconnected from her
Truth about Montag's books is revealed in the end
Tris's mom:
Doesn't know anything about how Tris is Divergent
Tris feels disconnected from her mom because she can't tell her that she is Divergent
Finds out in the end that Tris is Divergent
Four and Faber:
Mentor to Tris
Is the reason she becomes strong and fearless
Behind the scenes, but plays a huge role in Tris's development
Mentor to Montag
Is the brain behind Montag's actions
Behind the scenes but is the reason why he collects books
Plays huge role in why Montag's changes from someone who burns books to someone who cherishes them
At the beginning of the book, Tris is very shy but knows who she is and what she wants to be and everybody else does too because they are all in there born factions
In the middle, when Tris finds out she is Divergent and chooses Dauntless, she seems very lost and scared, just like everyone else who joined new factions. During this time, the government is getting more suspicious about the Divergents.
Toward the end of the book, the government takes over the minds of the Dauntless but because Tris and just a few others aren't... they try to fight for the Divergents and the Dauntless
Set in the future
Set in a place that is separated, and very different from any where else in the world.
Post-war area
By: Bethany Kirkland and Lyndsey Mylius
Government regulates society
Little freedom
Societies are separated from each other
Very dull all the time and nothing seems to ever change
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