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The Mariana Trench

No description

Kari Peltonen

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of The Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench
By Devin & Kari

Location & Climate
The Mariana Trench is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, and near the 14 Mariana Islands.
The Mariana Trench is 36,070ft. (10.994km) deep, 70km wide, and 2,550km long.
It has an Tropical Climate, being wet, warm/hot, and windy with occasional rain.
Landform Description
The Mariana Trench was formed by two tectonic plates colliding and pushing downward, like a mountain, just reversed. The two plates were the Pacific Plate and the Mariana Plate. The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the world's oceans and the Earth itself.
-The Mariana Trench may become a nuclear waste disposal site.
-Mt. Everest can fit in the Mariana Trench.
-More than two Star Wars' Star Destroyers, six Godzillas, 3 Star Trek USS Enterprises and more can fit in the Mariana Trench at the same time with extra room.*
The Mariana Trench has some vegetation and lots of wildlife. The wildlife consists of sea cucumbers, phyto plankton, foraminifera (single celled protists), angler flashlight fish, different bacterias, xenophyophores, and lots of fish. The vegetation is made up of coral reefs, sea weed, sea veg (
sold in stores
), kelp, and more.
Vegetation & Wildlife
The Mariana Trench,
as shown by depth.
Sea Cucumber
Angler Flashlight Fish

Formation of the Mariana Trench
This is our Prezi on the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. We will be investigating the location, climate, vegetation and wildlife. We hope you enjoy!
We hoped you enjoyed our Prezi on the Mariana Trench! Thanks for viewing!
Sea Veg in medicine form
Star Destroyer

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