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My Element Superhero

No description

selena gibson

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of My Element Superhero

My Element Superhero
By: Selena Gibson
My Element Superhero is Called Neon Transformation
Neon Transformation!!
My Superhero's name is Neon Transformation. Neon got his super powers by taking neon lights busting then and pouring the liquid all over his body and and swallowing the liquid from the lights. After he swallowed everything to brighten him up then he started to glow and show that he is neon colored. Soon after he was able to transform into his own signs, lights, colors, and he was even able to light up anything he touched.
Boiling Point: -246.1 C
Freezing Point: None
Melting Point: -248.6 C

Atomic Mass: 20.1797 amu
Atomis Number: 10
Family: Nobel Gas
Density: 0.901 gicm3
Malleable, Ductile, or Brittle: Gas(None)
Weaknesses: Power Surges
Strengths: Extra Power
The Famous Scientist Richard Martin discovered Mr. Neon Transformation in 1862 in New York, New York. He was on a trip out of state as he found a drain hole ad it started to glow so he tried his best to uncover the hole. Soon to come he found his superhero.
My Element Hero, he looks like a big glowing light. He has no touch, and is able to change colors. He is also a gas. Neon lives anywhere he can most of the time. Usually he lives in or around some type of electricity. It can't be found in nature it has to have some kind of electricity.
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