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Cree Creation Story

No description

Breanna Dillon

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Cree Creation Story

Oral Storytelling
History of storytelling
To entertain

To instruct the young and remind the old

To preserve the history, rituals, and beliefs
Outcomes Connected to Storytelling
CP1.3 Enter into the fiction provided by the drama
CP1.4 Use Language, visual images, an other ways (e.g., movement, sound effects) to represent ideas both in and out of role
CR1.1 Demonstrate understanding that the arts are a way of expressing ideas
CR1.2 Investigate various reasons for creating art expressions
CH1.2 Identify traditional art expressions of First Nations and Metis artists

Our Future
The Use of Oral Storytelling
Dates back thousands of years.

The stories vary depending on the tribe and beliefs of the peope.
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