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The Mandela Effect

No description

Uriel Anderson

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of The Mandela Effect

The Mandella Effect
With all this proof the effect of this theory is undeniable, maybe there is an alternate universe, but like Shrodinger's Cat we cannot deny or accept the existance of the theory just like we can't say the cat is dead or alive.
The Mandela Effect
Discovery of the Mandela Effect
The Mandela effect was named after Nelson Mandela, whom people thought died in 1980, but actually died in 2013.
The term was coined by Fiona Broome, who believe that Nelson Mandela died in 1980, she argued that this was the case with the theory of another universe.
The Big Proof
Alternate Universe Theory
This theory is one of the main reasons people believe in the Mandela effect. People often reason that their memories are from alternate universes which leak into their very own.

Ofenly genuinely believing that the certain event has only leaked from another universe, and the current event is actually what is happening. While stilll believing their memorary to be true.
Proof and Evidence of the Mandela Effect
Mandela Effect
The Mandela Effect is the collective misrembering of a fact or a event, they're many theories explaing and theorizing its existance.

On of the most notable being the leakage of another universe
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