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No description

Maysaa Assim

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of project

A “Soft-Phone” is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer, rather than using dedicated hardware. CONTENT SOLUTION AND SCOPE LITERATURE REVIEW * we have Interviewed staff members with different positions.

*Reviewed existing Soft-Phones (open and closed source). for Internal Calls Within the IT Department Soft-Phone * Introduction.
* Problem Definition.
* Solution.
* Goals and Objectives.
* Project Scope.
* Literature Review.
* System Analysis and Design.
* Conclusion. * Develop a system that replaces the current system and guarantees efficiency , availability by using an available tool i.e. the internet. * Our project is dedicated to the IT department and members
only however,it can include other departments in the future. -3- -5- * why open source ? CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK -17- * by developing this system we hope we can provide the department with a solution that promises to enhance the communication process by making it more available, less costly and less time consuming.

* For now, our system is limited to the IT department in King Saud University but we hope it would expand to serve other departments and other academic organizations in Saudi Arabia.

* If time permits we would like to develop a mobile application. SYSTEM DESIGN ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Client / server DATABASE DESIGN USER INTERFACE DESIGN SYSTEM ANALYSIS * Basic functional requirements include making and receiving calls. -7- USE CASE DIAGRAM -8- 1- The user shall be able to share files with other users. USE CASE DESCRIPTION -9- CLASS DIAGRAM -12- CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAM -11- There are many different structures but we
found the client/server to be the most
suitable architecture design for our project. -13- -14- -15- -16- Thank You For Listening INTRODUCTION -1- What is a Soft-Phone ? THE PROBLEM -2- * Most of the IT department offices have no landlines. * Too much time and effort are wasted every
day trying to contact other staff members. * Use open source to develop our Soft-Phone system.

*Facilitate an already available tool to enhance the communication process through a desktop application.

* The ability to search by categorizing the different users according to their position and assign an extension to each user.

* provide basic synchronous functionality in addition to asynchronous functions. -4- GOALS AND OBJECTIVES * Open source selection criteria. -6- * Advanced functional requirements include conference calls. * Additional functional requirements include scheduling and file sharing. SEQUENCE DIAGRAM FOR FILE SHARING -10- Thank You For Listening we are now ready for your Questions :)
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