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See Me by Nicholas Sparks

No description

Maryza Bustamante

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of See Me by Nicholas Sparks

See Me by Nicholas Sparks
by Maryza Bustamante
main characters- Maria Sanchez, Colin Hancock,
Lester Manning
Protagonist- Colin Hancock Antagonist-Lester Manning
Maria is a young women who is very intelligent and mellow. She's a new lawyer at a firm, but she doesn't really like it there. She is family centered.
Colin is trying to become a better person. He has anger issues and explodes very easily. He is a very nice person, and cares a lot for the people he loves
Lester is a delusional psycho who is after Maria.

Setting- Wilmington, Delaware
Main Conflict- Maria has a stalker
Rising Action- Maria and Colin meet, and fall in love
Falling action- Colin finds out who her stalker is
Resolution- Maria no longer has a stalker and is safe

Point Of View
The book is written in third person. Sparks
writes in an extremely detailed manner, so you feel like your there in the story itself.
Wilmington, Delaware
Maria's parents house
Maria's condo
Colin's home
The style of writing is humorous, but is also very suspenseful.
Family and love
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