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Darfur Genocide

No description

Pedro Acosta

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Darfur Genocide

Bonnie Stright
Anna Delaney
Ritwik Biswas http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/missions/unamid/background.shtml What is the Darfur Genocide? What was the Spark? Who are the Janjaweed? International Assistance Future Implications Current Status Videos on Darfur Genocide -Location: Darfur, Sudan

-Current mass slaughter of civilians

-Carried out by Government armed militias

-Began in 2003, ongoing situation -Darfur Rebel Movements: Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

-Rebelled because:
-Darfur citizens considered to be unimportant
-The government not protecting them from nomad attacks

-Response: government unleashes the Janjaweed -"Man with Gun on Horse"

-Arab Militias

-Ordered to kill civilians in villages

-Government provides guns and guarantees $116 a month

-Torture rebel armies in small Sudanese villages -United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) established in 2007

-Largest peacekeeping mission currently in the world

-Headquarters is in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur

-No significant change brought to the region over the last 10 years -1.4 million people still living in camps without adequate access to basic health-care, education and other services

-300,000 people have fled fighting in Darfur since the beginning of this year

-An estimated 400,000 have died -Help Darfur become self-sufficient

-Educate the 150,000 children under five years of age

-Upgrade infrastructure

-Improve human rights standards

-HIV/AIDS awareness

-Decrease the strength of military in Sudan Interesting Facts Media Coverage and
Awareness -South Sudan formed from Sudan after civil war

-Many more problems exist in Sudan besides Darfur Genocide (political disputes, oil issues)

-Labeled "A Terrorist State" and a "A Failed State" Discussion 1. Why do think that teenagers like us do not know about this crisis in Darfur? 3. Should the U.S. be stepping in or not? Are they doing enough? 4. Why do you think there's so little
awareness on any genocide? 5. Do you think these events are genocide? 6. Why would it be difficult for the world to respond to these acts? U.S. Involvement -1993: Placed Sudan on list of state sponsors of terrorism

-2004: Officially declared events in Darfur as genocide

-2006: Bush called for the number of international troops in Darfur to be doubled

-Pledged $1.7 billion to the conflict

-Passed "Darfur Peace and Accountability Act" Save Darfur Sticker -Save Darfur & Educate Yourself Why is this Genocide? WHAT DO THE JANJAWEED DO? Why should we care? What can we do to help? -Educate others

-Fundraise or volunteer

-Attend rallies or fundraisers

-Write letters to officials

-Donate What can we do to help? cont. -Purchase or make "Save Darfur" merchandise

-Encourage others

-Sign online petitions

-Don't forget -They attack in large numbers on horseback and camels

-They often set fire to the houses and kill anyone that moves

- Then they drive the farmers from their land, often pushing them towards town centers -The Arab militia often use air strikes from the Sudanese air force to assist them - Once upon a time, we said "Never Again"

-Labeled the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today Children in Darfur -Shot, mutilated, killed, raped, tortured, or abducted

-Government trying to cut off help to the Darfuri children and denies their involvement

-Recruiting kids for fighting

-Human trafficking

-No education http://www.wfp.org/stories/teenage-darfur-refugee-dreams-returning-home 7. Do you think the government will keep the money donated for themselves? How could we go about ensuring our money saves lives? 2.People claimed that never again would genocide occur, yet here we are, how did this happen?
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