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Cell Analogy Project

No description

alexis leonard

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Cell Analogy Project A cell is like the U.S.A by: Alexis Leonard
& Jacob Delacruz A cell membrane is like the U.S border A cell membrane keeps unwanted objects from entering the cell. and regulates what leaves. The cell wall is like the U.S army A cell wall is like the U.S army because when something unwanted gets in to the cell it try's to fight it off. The nucleus of the cell is like the president the nucleus is like the president because the nucleus of A cell tells other parts of the cell what to do. A cells nucleolus is like the library of congress a cells nucleolus is like the library of congress because the library of congress stores all the important information passed down for many generations just like the nucleolus stores genetic information. the cells mitochondria is like the U.S power plants THE CELLS MITOCHONDRIA IS LIKE A POWER PLANT BECAUSE THEY BOTH PROVIDE ENERGY ETHIER TO ALL THE PARTS OF A CELL OR TO ALL OVER THE U.S. The plant cells lysosomes are like a U.S recycle plant A lysosome is like a recycle plant because lysosome recycles parts of the cell that has broken off and breaks it down for energy. a nuclear envelope is like the secret service the nuclear envelope is like the secret service because the nuclear envelope protects the nucleus just like the secret service protects the president. Ribosomes are like U.S factories The ribosomes of a cell are like U.S factories because ribosomes produce protein just like factories produce goods. The endoplasmic reticulum is like delivery trucks A cells endoplasmic reticulum caries the proteins throughout the cell and delivery trucks carry goods from the factorys all over the U.S. A plant cells vacuole is like the U.S water recycle plants A cells vacuole is like a the U.S water recycle plants because a vacuole holds water just like a water recycle plant. Golgi bodies are like the U.S post offices a cells golgi bodies are like the U.S post offices because golgi bodies packedge and ship proteins in and out of a cell. a cytoplasm of a cell is like the U.S government a cells cytoplasm is like the U.S government because the cells cytoplasm suspends all the cells organelles just like the U.S government suspends the united sates.
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