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The Adolescent Media Practice Model

How identity shape my media selection and how media shape my identity by Abdul Halim Abdullah

Abdul Halim Abdullah

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Adolescent Media Practice Model

RUGBY VUW LIVED EXPERIENCE motivation? selection? INTERACTION IDENTITY APPROPRIATION incorporation ATTENTION TELEVISION EVALUATION interpretation RESISTANCE application EPSY 241 age MEDIA ABDUL HALIM ADOLESCENT practice television, BELIEFS attitude CULTURE COGNITIVE emotional BEHAVIOURAL DRESS ADOLESCENT MEDIA PRACTICE MODEL MEDIA AND ME newspaper.list When I was young, I like sports. I represented my school in track & field Most of my friends are actively involved in sports recreations.slco.org So what kind of media am I interested in? what is my internet, AND MAGAZINES they are why? because.. MY IDENTITY My name is Abdul Halim Abdullah and I grew up in Malaysia I have 6 siblings and I am the fourth I am a male and now I am 26 years old! Me! More about my backgroud?

My race is Malay.
I grew up in a typical Malay family which is orthodox and my late father was very strict about rules. Since I were 13 years old, I have the access to most of the media and I like to watch television and surfing the internet.
Me and my family love to watch video, television and surfing the internet, that is how I exposed to those kind of media.
It became my habituation to watch video BUT WHAT caught MY attention? I love to watch sports channel like I love to read sports magazine like and I love to watch rugby match on RUGBY WORLD Dollano, 2012 especially NEW ZEALAND ALL BLACKS! Simple! sometimes It helps me to cope with my and by watching video, television and surfing the internet! STRESS UNPLEASANT EMOTION and Because I am a boy and I love to sport, I were more likely to be more interested in that dealt with sports. MEDIA like Then, what is my but, WHY did i chose that media? Then WHY I CHOSE TV, internet YouTube & ? from this media I can search
information about rugby, watch rugby matches, for my
entertainment and even
to fill my leisure time INTERACTION? COGNITIVE, emotional & BEHAVIOURAL Cognitively, it helps me to develop
new strategy, enhance my rugby skills
and technique When I enjoy watching rugby matches,
it makes me relax and happy! I like to watch it with my friends and demonstrate what I saw on the tv and youtube EVALUATION and INTERPRETATION From what I saw on the video, most of them
were muscular! I believed that in order to
be a rugby player, I need to be
muscular and fit! I almost cant believed
he can hit the van! APPLICATION THEN.. i started to go to the gym I actively involved in playing rugby and
representing my college and my club. representing Victoria Wellington Malaysian
Student Association to Bersatu Games in Christchurch, 2012 Win silver Medal Representing my rugby club to the tournaments During a tournament This is how the media incorporate
into my life and shape my identity
and I am happy with has shaped me Why am I just attracted to rugby?
why am I RESIST to other sports
that were advertised and broadcast
on the internet and tv? WHY, WHY WHY, Because human are diverse. I saw a lot
of tv commercials show that most of basketball players are tall which does not suit me because i am short. Most Asian guys are short. Lets do a bit of critical thinking http://freecoloringpagesite.com me basketball
player not basketball or football? The really shape
my identity. MEDIA from gentle skinny boy TO rough and muscular guy from soft spoken person Rough and outspoken
person like a Kiwi ruggers! End of the story of
MEDIA and My ADOLESCENT life IDENTITY SELECTION INTERACTION APPLICATION motivation attention evaluation/interpretation incorporation/resistance LIVED EXPERIENCED Steele & Brown (1995)
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