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This prezi talks about a trip showing wonderful places of Australia.

Emma Torrentallé

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Australia

INTRODUCTION Capital: Canberra
Language: English
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD or $)
Surface: 7,686,850 km2
Population: 22,840,105
Time difference: 9 hours Australia's flag Australia's shield TYPICAL THINGS Food: Meat and three veg
Animals: Kangaroo and koala
Sports: Cricket First day: Flight: 31h 35min
From Barcelona (13:35)
To Sydney (7:10)
Barcelona–Praga–Seoul–Sydney Price: 843.81€ Second day: Breakfast at the airport
- Woolloomooloo Bay
- Opera House
- Sydney Harbour Bridge Lunch at Otto Restaurant
- AMP tower
- Darling harbour
Dinner at the Bounce Hotel Price: $84 Third day: Breakfast at the hotel
- Royal Botanic Gardens
- Power house museum Lunch a hot dog
- Supermarket in Cockle Bay
- Wales watching
Dinner at the hotel Price: $45 Fourth day: Breakfast at the hotel
By train: Sydney (07:15) to
Byron Bay (18:44) Price: $92.70 Lunch a sandwich
-Byron Bay Lighthouse
Dinner at Barbara's Budget Bed & Breakfast Fifth day: Breakfast at the house
Surf course to 9:00 to 2:00
Lunch a sandwich By train: Byron Bay (18:45) to Gold Coast (21:00)
Dinner at the Coolangatta YHA hotel Price: $207 Sixth day: Price: $73 Seventh day: Price: $86 Breakfast at the hotel
-Warner Brothers Movie World Breakfast at the hotel
-Surfers Paradise
-Streets and arcades Lunch in Four Winds Revolving Restaurant
By taxi: Gold Coast (19:00) to Brisbane (21:00)
Dinner at Bowen Terrace Accommodation Eighth day: Breakfast at the hotel
-Story bridge and CBD
-Brisbane Australia Mormon Temple -Supermarket
Lunch a sandwich
-Koalas Lone Pine Park
Dinner at the hotel Price: $30 Ninth day: Breakfast at the hotel
By taxi: Brisbane(10:30) to Noosa (12:00) Lunch a sandwich
-Go to the beach
-See the sunset by paddle surf
Dinner at Nomads Noosa Backpackers Hotel Price: $56 Tenth day: Breakfast at the hotel
-Visit Noosa
By bus: Noosa (14:45) to Rainbow Beach (16:30) Lunch a sandwich at the bus
By ferry: Rainbow Beach (17:30) to Fraser Island (17:40) Dinner at Apartment style accommodation Price:$72 Eleventh day: - Pack Fraser Island 2 Day Tour:
Visit Tin Can Bay and experience the wild dolphins feeding
Enjoy morning tea 'on the beach'
Guided rainforest walk through Pile Valley and Central Station Rainforests
Swim and relax in the pure waters of Lake McKenzie
Enjoy a bakery fresh lunch
Apartment style accommodation at Happy valley
Authentic Aussie BBQ dinner - Pack Fraser Island 2 Day Tour:
Breakfast included
Swim in the Eli Creek
Visit the Maheno Shipwreck
Enjoy a bakery fresh lunch
Visit The Pinnacles and the Coloured Sands
Enjoy magnificent views from Indian Head
Return down 75 Mile Beach to Rainbow Beach
Return to other destination: Sunshine Beach
Dinner at BreakFree French Quarter Hotel Twelfth day: Price: $369 Thirteenth day: Breakfast at the hotel
- Go by boat in Noosa river
Lunch a sandwich
-Go to the beach
Dinner at the hotel Price: $24 Fourteenth day: Fifteenth day: Breakfast at the hotel
Flight: 32h 30min
From Sunshine Beach (12:55)
To: Barcelona (18:25)
Sunshine Beach–Sidney–Singapur-Londres-Barcelona Price: 1207€ Arrive to Barcelona (18:25)
Lunch at the airport
Go home Price: 5€ TOTAL PRICE:
$1273.7 = 1025.15€ Price: $130 Questions What's the name of the typical food in Australia? Meat and three veg Seven cities: Sydney, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Noosa, Fraser Island and Sunshine Beach The dingo In the Koalas Lone Pine Park How many cities I have visited? Which animal is typical in Fraser Island? Where I have seen demonds of Tasmania?
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