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Three Sisters Three Witches, Graeae

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Karina MonrrealSanchez

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Three Sisters Three Witches, Graeae

The fates were three sisters whose power was to decide how long a person would live;their destiny.One was the one who spinned the thread, clotho. Lachesis the one who measures and lastly Antropos the one who cuts the thread ending with the life of that person.In some myths they are potrayed as old and ugly but in others they are beautiful.
So how do they come up in modern day?
Today you will see witches in other movies and books paired in three and pfcourse all sisters. We believe that it all started with greek mythology and now it is much more of a tradition to have three sisters.

The witches of OZ!
Like mentioned before, it was the combination of greek mythology stories that brought the characteristics of withches. Now its more of a "thats how it always is, thus how it's suppose to be" like a tradition, to just have 3 sisters be witches, be ugly and old or have that one pretty sister.
Graeae meaning
old grey women
, were three sisters daughters of Phorcys and Ceto. They were gorgons that were suppose to personify foam of the sea. The three sisters all shared one tooth and one eye which they passed around. They are depicted as hideous creatures usually old since they had grey hair from birth. Although n other stories of greek mythology they are shown to be beautiful, with the bodies of swans.
Well, today these two groups of sisters are combined and used to represent witchez in other stories. A great example of this would be ofcourse the Disney movie of Hercules. The physical appearance of the graeae and the fact that they share a tooth and eye is blended with the power of the fates.
pretty and ugly
Now, if you notice what is also combined is the features of the greek mythology graeae and fates in modern witches. For example the sisters in the wizard of oz has two ugly green witches with one "good" pretty witch.
Three Sisters Three Witches, Graeae,Fates
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