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Stars, Planets, and Space

No description

Amy Pretorius

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Stars, Planets, and Space

A planet is a celestial body moving in orbit around a star. Earth is a planet.
The sun
The sun is what gives us light and heat to our solar system. The sun is actually a star. Compared to Earth, it is huge.
Our Galaxy
Our galaxy is the milky way. There our millions of stars and solar systems in it. But this is not the only galaxy out there. There are many more.
Stars, Planets, and Space.
What are those?
Those icons are things that you could find in space. The one at the top is our sun, very important. On the right there is a planet. At the left is another planet, the one that we live on, Earth. The bottom left is a star. In the middle is our galaxy.
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