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Australia's Size and shape

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kevin tran

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Australia's Size and shape

Australia's Size and shape
Australia's size and Shape by Kevin Tran and Victor Vitug

Overall, the country covers an estimated area of 7 682 300 square kilometres (km2).

Australia is the sixth-largest country behind Russia, the USA and a few other countries.
Australia's size compared to the USA.
Australia is the only country to occupy its own continent, but is also the smallest continent on earth.

Australia from a satellite view.
Australia is also classified as an island and is surrounded by thousands of other islands ranging from the size of a rock to the size of a suburb.
Australian Whitsundays
Australia's Coastline Length
Australia has a coastline perimeter of 35,876 km, which is bordered by the Pacific and Indian oceans, making it one of the longest coastline perimeters in the world.

Typical Australian Coastline
Most Northenly Point
The furthest northerly point of the Australian mainland is the tip of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula.
Cape York Peninsula
Most Southernly Point
The most southerly point of Australia (non mainland) is Tasmania’s South East Cape.
Tasmania's South East Cape
Largest and smallest states.
Western Australia is the largest state with over 2.5 million square Km.

Tasmania is Australia's smallest state with approx 68400 km squared.
Western Australia

Australian landscape
Bibliography continued
Australian Government
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