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Copy of Online Course Design

No description

Katrina Adams

on 11 November 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Online Course Design

Learning Objectives!
Following this lecture, participants will label the five major organs of the female reproductive system.
Instructional Design
Who is your audience?
What assumptions can you make?
What limitations are possible?
What are your objectives?
How are you going to assess these objectives?
How to structure your content?
How can I make this better?
Chunk it!
Keep it engaging!
Learning objects
Encourange conversation
Consider different learning styles
Student - Student
Student - Content
Student - Teacher
Today's Topics:
Instructional Design (the basics)
Learning Objectives
Structuring Your Content
Tools in eLearning
What Makes a Good Learning Objective?
To whom is the objective applied?
What is the observable result?
"...will label..."
To what standard the task must be completed
How many? How fast? How well?
"...correctly five major organs..."
What conditions the task must be performed
"Following this lecture"
Bloom's Taxonomy
define, describe, list, identify, state
"List the safety rules." "Recite a poem." "Define sexual harassment."
explain, summarize, paraphrase, translate
"Summarize the steps in ADDIE."
using new knowledge
construct, apply, prepare, demonstrate
"Calculate an employee's vacation time." "Apply the laws of statistics to evaluate the reliability of a written test."
examine, break down information
analyze, compare/contrast, outline
"Outline the key points in the politian's speech."
combine info to form a unique product
design, create, compose, categorize
"Design a machine to perform a specific task."
make decisions, support views
appraise, critique, defend, justify
"State and defend your position on the legislation."
What Makes a Learning Objective
Online Course Design
Katrina Adams, Instructional Designer
Structuring your Content
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