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king thrushbeard

No description

allyson mckenzie

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of king thrushbeard

King Thrushbeard
By Allyson McKenzie
A2 (c2)

The setting in the book King Thrushbeard is in a pales a long time ago. I know this because in the text is says " a king and his beautiful daughter live in a beautiful pales". This tells me that the setting is in a pales a long time ago. The stetting affects the the story because if they was no setting then how will we know where and when the story takes place.
protagonist and antagonist
The protagonist in the book King Thrushbeard is the princess because she is the main character
The antagonist in the book is the king and King Thrushbeard because they where mean to the princess in the text it says that the king throw the princess out to live with a pro man in his house. King thrush bread is mean to the princess because he diskieds him self to be different people to do mean things to the princess like brake her boles wall she was tring to mack money for her new family.

The climax in the book King Thrushbeard is when the princess marred the pro man. I know this is trow because in the text it says" you will marry the fist beggar that comes throw that door tomorrow morning" this tells me that the climax is when the princess Mary the pro man.
The conflict in the book is man vs man. I know this is trow because if the princess was not spoiled and mean she wold have bean nicer to the beggars but because she was spoiled she was mean to all the beggars this tells me that the conflict in the story is man vs man.
The story ended when the princess learned that it is not nice to be mean to ether people and if you are then you may be hurting some ones feelings I know this is trow because King Thrushbeard was diskieds as many people to tech the princess to be nice to one another.
The theme in the story king thrush beard is treat others the way you want to be treated. I know this is trow because the princess treated King Thrushbeard in a mean way so King Thrushbeard treated her the way she treated him to tech her a lesson
*!*Thank you for watching*!*
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