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Creative Writing - Narrative 1

Introduction and overview to using language - creative writing

Mr. Munday

on 26 August 2011

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Transcript of Creative Writing - Narrative 1

Using language:
creative writing 15% Candidates will be required to complete ONE piece of descriptive writing and
ONE piece of narrative/expressive writing Both of these tasks require description, but there is a subtle difference. Assessment Objective 4 - Writing
Write to communicate clearly, effectively and imaginatively, using and adapting forms and selecting vocabulary appropriate to task and purpose in ways which engage the reader.
Organise information and ideas into structured and sequenced sentences, paragraghs and whole texts, using a variety of linguistic and structural features to support cohesion and overall coherence.
Use a range of sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect, with accurate punctuation and spelling. Macro Micro Who is the odd one out and why? Unit 3 Controlled assessment Two tasks Section A
DESCRIPTIVE Two Questions:
What item of food is being used?
What it's made into?

Two Rules:
- Keep your picture to yourself!
- CLOSED questions only Black and white Pentagon Stitched Clean and shiny On the grass Motionless verses Micro Inform / Entertain Orientation Complication Resolution We are going to
write a 'page turner'... Character Location Who they are meeting and why? What happens next? The Centre
of Attention Who? Where? Why? Situation Problem Response Positive
Result Basic Problem-Response Pattern Negative
Result What do you know?
What don't you know? Setup Conflict Resolution World Poetry Day What vocabulary is used to create effect or convey meaning? How is it used?
Consider the pace and organisation of the narrative: How does it maintain the reader’s interest?
Consider plot and characterisation: How are they effectively constructed?
Find examples of the use of simple, compound and complex sentences: How are they used to achieve particular effects?
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