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Untitled Prezi

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Aileen Coria

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

And her adventures with social networks! ~Annabeth~ Annabeth Wall Posts Tweets General Information About Me: Instagram pictures Friends Perseus Jackson Ahoy mate! I'm Perseus but everyone calls me Percy. So uh I just found out that apparently I'm the son of the Greek god Poseidon. My mom is a human. I was kind of ...just maybe... accused of stealing Zeus's lightning bolt... I swore I didn't do it! It was that kid Luke NOT me! Luke Hello there I'm Annabeth! ^.^ I'm daughter of the goddess of wisdom and military victory, Athena. Although my mother is a goddess, my father is human. I am living in Camp Half-Blood. I've lived here since I was seven years old. My dad got married and had more kids. My dad and my step mom alienated me and treated me like a monster. I mean sure I did attract monsters....but I'm still my dad's daughter.
My biggest wish is to go out into the world and see if my combat skills are any good or not. But why would that happen? I've been here since I was seven and I haven't gone on a quest. Hi I'm Luke, son of Hermes. I am currently living in Camp Half-Blood. At first I'm friends with Percy, Grover and Annabeth but the fact that I stole the lightning bolt wasn't gonna be a secret forever... @Annabeth Chapter Four/ Five:

So this new kid is THE ONE? I can't just sit here and feed him pudding and whatever. I want to know if he really is the ONE. If he is THE ONE I wanna know what was stolen and what is gonna happen at the summer solstice!!!!!!! >:( @Annabeth Chapter Six:

Percy just made a toilet just.......EXPLODE! The water went everywhere! I got completely soaked. I mean I guess I am kind of mad about that and whatever but what I wanna know is how he did that! Is it possible that he's....No he isn't......is he?... @Annabeth Chapter Nine:

WHAT THE BUTT OMG!!!!! Percy is here for what? a day or somethin'? and he is already getting a quest?!?!?!!?!? I've been here since I was seven and I don't get a quest?!?!?!? UGGGHHHHHHH!!!!1!!!!1!1!! D:< Annabeth comes up with strategies to get through the quest with Percy and Grover.
Annabeth lives in Camp Half-Blood. @Annabeth Chapter Sixteen:

Duuuuude this place is amazing! We get just a bunch of free stuff. We can play games for free! We can stay for as long as we want FOR FREE! I'm gonna love this place. Did Zeus summon me? 'Cause I'm in the heavens! Grover Hey I'm Grover. I'm a satyr. I'm supposed to Protect Percy and not fail this time. The other time well...let's just say I'm responsible for a certain tree in the camp being there. I want to be the one satyr to find Pan! And that's pretty much it... I mean I really like tin cans... Capture the Flag is happening TODAY! Percy is on my good ol' team. We gotta have a strategy to win this! Good thing they have the daughter of the goddess of war strategy on their team =P There's Thalia with the other trees that didn't used to be demi-gods... Oh my gods this is too much :'( Grover did what he could and I should be thankful that I'm not dead and Thalia risked her life. World of Warcraft Annabeth would be interested in World of Warcraft because she likes to be very strategic. In the game there is a capture the flag game. Annabeth would enjoy "Warrior" by Disturbed because she was always wondering if she was really good in combat or not. Song: Warrior
Artist: Disturbed *This is the best song ever* From: Percy Chapter Fifteen:

I'm sorry I know it was kind of dumb for me to talk to the god of war, Ares like that but he was really getting on my nerves! I'm just still not used to all this gods/goddesses stuff. It's all new and fresh in the air still I guess. I'm sorry for making you worry that something bad was gonna happen. From Grover Chapter sixteen:

I'm sorry I failed the first time with Thalia. I'm just scared now. What if something happens to you or Percy? Oh no if something did happen I'd be the worst satyr EVER! Everything's gonna be my fault if anything happens... From Percy Chapter Seventeen:

Look man, I saved yours and Grover's lives when you guys were on those water beds. Be thankful I did so. Not everything has to be so fast paced and quick. I'm just trying to help take us to the next level okay? I'm face to face with a zebra....I can't believe it... This has to be one of the weirdest things ever.... Sword Fighting Club She would be in the Sword Fighting Club because she really likes combat and battle. Aileen Coria
8th hour
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