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Career Analysis

No description

Amanda Gluck

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis

Career Analysis - Veterinarian By: Amanda Gluck About the Career Vets are probably going to be needed a lot in the future, because the population is growing, and since it's growing, there are going to be more pets, and more pets are going to need care. Vets will be needed where there are the most people, so they will be needed in places like China and other densely populated areas. You need a four year bachelors degree in veterinary technology. The average salary is $85100, and the salary range is about $52200 - $120000. University of Florida, University of Georgia, and Tuskgee University are just a few colleges that offer veterinany schooling. Career Outlook If you are being unethical in this career, you could not do you best in treating a patient, you could not be sanitary, you could cut corners, or you could buy medicines that are not legal in the US. Technology Vets have to keep a databank of their patients, and they have to get new medicines that use technology to create. Customers The customers are mainly pet owners. Vets have to work B2B, because they buys medicines from other businesses, and furniture, such as examination tables from other businesses. Science & Math Problems that need to be solved in this career are animals that have sicknesses, and they can't tell you what hurts, so you have to figure it out by clues. You have to calculate the amount of medicine to give an animal. Written & Verbal Communication Some written and verbal communications skills needed are politeness, and the ability to make people feel welcomed. You also have to know how be proper and business-like. You have to be able to write a business letter.
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